Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistantship, Fisheries-Oklahoma

Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
~20 K annually plus tuition waiver
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
We are currently seeking a Ph.D. candidate to develop a project to examine sucker population demographics across the landscape of the Ozark Highlands ecoregion. Part of the project will focus on identifying the drivers of spawning habitat use and spawning success, and another aspect will focus on how harvest of these populations relates to changes in demographics. There is sufficient flexibility in how the project is developed.
The candidate must have a MS degree in fisheries, biological sciences, or related discipline. GRE scores need to exceed the 50th percentile. We are seeking a candidate with strong quantitative skills. Preferred applicants will have a demonstrated interest in publishing and demonstrated abilities to complete stream field work. Please send CV with three professional references, transcripts, and a cover letter describing your interest in the project to: Dr. Shannon Brewer and Dr. Daniel Shoup;
Contact Person
Shannon Brewer
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