PhD and Master Position on the Conservation of Endangered Species and Management of Protected Area in China (Beijing Forestry University)

Beijing Forestry University
Beijing, China
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
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We are seeking outstanding students to study the conservation of endangered species and management of the protected area in China. Our team needs new force, the Chinese government will provide the scholarship. The basic requirements for students are: interested in conservation biology, can work in the wild, good knowledge of the GIS, and have excellent writing and speaking skills of English language (native speakers are preferred). Interested students in nature, wildlife, and Chinese culture can view details on our website for more information. Currently, our team mainly concentrates on two fields of research: 1) Evaluation and Prediction on the status of endangered species The focus of this field is to study endangered species, including Otter, Pangolin, snub monkey, snow leopard, Grouse, Sable, etc. These studies are mainly based on historical documents (published and unpublished), interview investigation, and field surveys of the target species. Modeling of the species combined with the climate change data. The aim and objectives of these researches are: Development of the past and current distribution maps and prediction of future distribution trend in China. 2) Development of conservation strategies and policies on protected area These researches mainly focus on conservation planning, policies, and regulations including the priority conservation planning of endangered species, the function partition and boundary determination of protected area (national parks, nature reserves), and comparative study of protected area on policies, regulations, and standards at national and international level looking into the protection of the species. The deadline of applications is May 31, 2021 before. Beijing Forestry University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We promote excellence through diversity and encourage all qualified individuals to apply. The position is open to only international candidates. The Chinese Government Scholarship Program covers plus tuition fee, free books health insurance and monthly stipend. BFU has developed itself from a specialized college in forestry to its current status as a multi-disciplinary university. Around 100,000 high-level professionals and overseas students have emerged from BFU as the builders of the country, including 13 celebrated academicians and distinguished scientists, researchers and managers. School of Ecology and Nature Conservation, was jointly established by the Ministry of Education and State Forestry Administration of the People Republic of China in December 2004. It is the only school that focuses on professional training in nature conservation and nature reserve management in China. Sixteen years of unyielding efforts has brought great achievement in teaching & education, scientific research, social service and culture heritage in the field of the development and management of nature reserves, wildlife conservation and wise use. To apply, please contact Prof. Luan: Supervisor: Xiaofeng Luan, School of Ecology and Nature Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, China Tel: (86)13910090393; 0086 10-62336716 E-Mail:;
Applicants must have an MS or Bachelor's degree in ecology, zoology, forestry, geography, or other related disciplines. solid working knowledge of population modeling, GIS or remote sensing, and statistics are required in research. Although not a requirement, the preferred candidate will have strong experience in wild surveys, species distribution modeling, planning, and previous experience analyzing and curating large databases. Excellent English writing and verbal communication skills are essential.
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XiaoFeng Luan
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