PhD Assistantship: Human Dimensions of the Live Animal Trade: Georgia

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia, United States
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Graduate Assistantships
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I am recruiting a PhD student to study the human dimensions of the live animal trade. The successful candidate will conduct research on people’s motivations for engaging in the live animal trade and their support for appropriate interventions to mitigate potential risks associated with this trade (e.g., disease risks, invasion risks, loss of biodiversity). The successful candidate will be expected to interview key stakeholders, conduct qualitative analysis of these interviews, design and administer quantitative surveys to stakeholders, analyze survey data using appropriate regression models, present their research at professional meetings and conferences, co-author grant applications, and co-author papers for submission to peer-reviewed journals. The successful candidate will also be expected to work as a teaching assistant one semester per year. Applications will be considered in the order they are received until the position is filled.
The successful applicant must have a Masters degree in human dimensions of wildlife, sociology, psychology, economics, or a closely related discipline by Summer 2021. Demonstrated experience in survey-based research and statistical analysis is required. Demonstrated experience in qualitative research is preferred. Demonstrated experience in presenting papers and posters at conferences and generating peer-reviewed manuscripts is preferred.
Contact Person
Dr. Elizabeth Pienaar
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