PhD Opportunity @ Tulane

Ecology and Evolugtionary Biology
New Orleans
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The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Tulane University ( in New Orleans encourages applications to our Ph.D. program. Our department houses a dynamic and collegial team of researchers, educators, and students. We have established research strengths in coastal and tropical systems, with interests that include animal behavior, community ecology, conservation biology, evolutionary biology, physiological ecology, population genetics and genomics, tropical ecology, and urban ecology. A high proportion of students have received competitive fellowships from the National Science Foundation and other sources, with most students going on to high quality post-doctoral fellowships, faculty positions, and jobs in industry and governmental and non-governmental agencies. We are committed to promoting diversity in STEM. The proportion of doctoral students from under-represented groups in STEM in our program far exceeds the national average, and we particularly welcome applications from members of groups that are traditionally under-represented in the field of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Research faculty currently accepting Ph.D. students are: Dr. Hank Bart (, whose research interests focus on ecology and systematics of freshwater fishes and amphibians Dr. Keith Clay, whose research interests focus on symbiotic interactions and their effect on larger scale ecological and evolutionary processes, utilizing a variety of systems from vertebrates to bacteria, with an emphasis on plants and fungi. Dr. Emily Farrer (, whose research interests include plant ecology, plant-microbe interactions, global change biology, invasive species, wetland ecology, population genetics, and botany Dr. Kathleen Ferris (, whose research addresses quantitative and population genetics of natural plant populations, speciation, and plant ecology Dr. Alex Gunderson (, who works with physiological and evolutionary ecology, global change biology, and herpetology Dr. Jordan Karubian (, who works in tropical ecology and conservation, animal behavior, and urban ecology Dr. Caz Taylor (, whose research focuses on population biology of migratory species, urban, and wetlands ecology. Prospective students are encouraged to reach out directly to faculty members who they would be interested in working with. For more general inquiries, please contact Graduate Studies Coordinator, Dr. Jordan Karubian at
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