PhD position(s) in Caribou Ecology at SUNY – College of Envir. Sci. and Forestry: New York

SUNY-ESF, Dep't of Envir. Biology
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Graduate Assistantships
~ $25,000 + tuition + benefits
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The Gurarie Lab at State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) seeks outstanding PhD students beginning August 2022 to work on an NSF funded project on movements, behaviors and populations of migratory caribou across northern Canada and Alaska. Caribou are an ecological keystone and central to the material and spiritual culture of human communities throughout the Arctic. Many populations have also experienced a steady decline. Our work involves combining movement, survival and aerial survey data with next generation of remote sensing - of snow and ice, of vegetation, of temperatures and winds - to understand the behavioral and demographic impacts of climate chance and human development in the Arctic. Importantly, this work relies on close collaboration with local communities, who rely most directly on and have the most intimate knowledge of the caribou. Study topics include: (a) inferring spatial patterns of reproduction and mortality and their links to movement choices, (b) exploring the role of sociality and memory in caribou movements, (c) modeling inter-annual shifts in calving, summering and wintering ranges and migration corridors with respect to environmental covariates, (d) making strong links between on-the-ground local observations, long-term knowledge, and remote sensing including telemetry.
While specific requirements depend on specific projects, and many skills can be learned, strong candidates will check most or all of the following boxes: - MS in Wildlife Ecology, Conservation Biology, or closely related field, with a strong academic record. - Quantitative skills and ecological knowledge related to the positions. Proficiency in R and ArcGIS software. - Strong ability to work in a team-oriented environment with external collaborators. - Experience and passion for Arctic Ecology and Arctic Communities and desire to spend time in Alaska and/or Northern Canada. To apply: Submit a single pdf that includes a cover letter summarizing your qualifications and interest in the positions, CV, and contact information for three references as a single PDF to Dr. Elie Gurarie ( Applications will be reviewed in order received. Anticipated start date is about 20 August 2022. SUNY-ESF is an equal opportunity, equal access academic institution that embraces diversity and inclusion in the workplace. SUNY-ESF is also home to the Center for Native People and the Environment, which serves as a bridge between traditional ecological knowledge and western scientific approaches, of particular relevance to this project. Individuals with strong ties to Indigenous communities in the Arctic and boreal forest regions are particularly encouraged to apply.
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Elie Gurarie
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