PhD Positions – Speciation and Behaviour – Texas

Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas
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The Delmore Lab at the University of Texas A&M is looking for PhD students to join our group. We study speciation using hybrid zones and work at both the micro and macroevolutionary scale. One of our research streams focuses on speciation genomics and includes work on the processes that generation genome-wide variation in estimates of differentiation. We use both genomic data and computer simulations to address this question. Another research stream focuses on behaviour – how variation in behavioural traits contributes to speciation and the molecular basis of these traits. One of the behaviours we study is seasonal migration. Much of this work focuses on a hybrid zones between Swainson’s thrushes but we are constantly expanding the scope of this work. Another behaviour we study is courtship behaviour using a hybrid zone between ruby-thorated/black-chinned hummingbirds. You can apply to work in our lab through three degree programs: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (; deadline Dec 15, 2019), Genetics (; deadline Dec 1, 2019) and Biology (; deadline Dec 1, 2019). These programs integrate labs across the TAMU campus from international backgrounds. The atmosphere is highly collaborative, enthusiastic and supportive. You will be able to develop knowledge in evolution and substantial genomic and computational skills while you’re here. Texas A&M is a Tier 1 institution with an amazing number of facilities to support research. College station itself is a friendly university town located between Austin and Houston. It is the perfect venue for getting work done while having access to vibrant city centers full of entertainment and culture. You can find out more about our lab at If you are interested in these positions please email a CV (including names and contact details of two-three references) and a one-page cover letter stating your motivations to Kira Delmore ( with the subject line "PhD application" in the first instance. Note that students will then have to formally apply for admission to Texas A&M University through any of the degree programs mentioned above.
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Kira Delmore
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