PhD Student in Biology – Canada

Trent University - EcoGenomics
Peterborough, Ontario
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Graduate Assistantships
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EcoGenomics is a national-scale collaborative research program based in Canada and focused on caribou conservation genomics. We are currently seeking graduate students, with interests in questions relating to of Landscape Genomics, Spatial Structure/Network analysis, Population modelling and Adaptive Genomics, to participate in a large-scale project funded by Genome Canada’s Genomic Applications Partnership Program and aiming at developing a national non-invasive monitoring approach for caribou. Caribou is currently one of the most significant at risk species in Canada, attributable to its widespread distribution, its potential susceptibility to climate change, and its cultural and sustenance significance to Indigenous Peoples. Caribou population monitoring based on fecal pellet collection at feeding sites in winter has been proven as an effective sampling method for non-invasive long-term population monitoring. Host genetic information along with metagenomics data for diet and health indicators from fecal samples can gather a range of parameters needed to identify factors, including changing environmental conditions, affecting caribou populations across Canada. These positions will be supported by already generated data including a large number of whole-genome sequences of caribou representing populations of different evolutionary and demographic histories, targeted caribou-specific loci for Population Genomic surveys from a long-term database of samples (estimated at 40,000 across Canada) and metagenomics data (plant and microbiome). The large-scale national network supporting these positions, under the overall direction of Dr. Paul Wilson (Trent University) and Dr. Micheline Manseau (Environment & Climate Change Canada/Trent University), include partnerships with the Canadian Forest Service, Laval University and the University of Manitoba; the National Boreal Caribou Knowledge Consortium, Parks Canada, provincial and territorial jurisdictions; wildlife management boards; and industry.
Masters Degree in Biology with experience in any or all of the following: Landscape Genomics, Spatial Structure/Network analysis, Population modelling and Adaptive Genomics
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