PhD Student in Environmental Engineering Investigating eDNA Applications for Fisheries-New York

University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Buffalo, NY
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We are seeking an enthusiastic and highly motivated MS/PhD student to work on research investigating the potential use of environmental DNA (eDNA) to complement traditional fish surveys and monitor fish populations. The project will involve working with researchers at the University at Buffalo and USGS. The student will spend time collecting samples, conducting experiments in the laboratory, doing DNA-based analysis and modeling. Research Introduction The use of DNA extracted from water samples to identify macroorganisms has the potential to significantly augment traditional biological monitoring and change resource management in the Great Lakes. Traditional monitoring (physically identifying and counting organisms) has proven invaluable for illustrating change in the Great Lakes but can be time intensive and costly. There is a critical need for new techniques to monitor organisms in aquatic environments. Environmental DNA (eDNA), the DNA shed by organisms into their environments, can be extracted from water samples and used to detect specific organisms or the community of organisms in aquatic ecosystems. The goal of the research in the Sassoubre Lab is to assess the practicality of eDNA as a tool to detect and quantify the abundance of native and nonnative fish species in the Great Lakes. The results from this research will inform policies to protect and better manage resources in the Great Lakes.
Applicants with a strong background in the environmental engineering, environmental microbiology, fish biology, fluid mechanics/modeling or a related quantitative disciplines are encouraged to contact Dr. Lauren Sassoubre ( The successful candidate must be able to complete coursework in environmental engineering, work both independently and in a team, and spend time aboard a research vessel to collect samples. Both American and international students are welcome to apply. How to Apply Applicants should email Dr. Lauren Sassoubre ( The email should include a brief statement of the student’s background and interest in the proposed research and the student’s CV should be attached to the email. Applications received on or before December 15, 2017 will be given priority.
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