Plant-Pollinator Tech, Cascadia Prairies, Olympia, Washington

Quamash EcoResearch
Olympia, WA
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Full time Positions
$17-$18/hr depending on experience
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Plant-Pollinator Technicians: Documenting responses of plant-pollinator communities to prairie restoration Project Description: This is a full-time position funded for one year. Techs will capture pollinators, collect plant and pollinator trait data, and collect flowering phenology data, contributing to an ongoing project to determine how prairie communities respond to restoration and management actions over time. All positions are field-based during the field season (approximately mid-April through mid-August) and will work at home or from an office space during the off-season (approximately mid-August 2021 through March 31, 2022). Techs in this position will also attend a pilot series of training modules for conservation techs in fall-winter 2021, including modules on experimental design, basic statistics, and R, plus field days with local natural history experts in other ecosystems. Specific responsibilities: • Field responsibilities (dominant activities April-August 2021)  Identifies native plants correctly with the use of dichotomous key and other resources  Collects plant data, including abundance and trait measurements  Captures, dispatches, labels, and preserves flower-visiting insects; collects insect data  Implements all field work components with minimal direction and supervision  Creates, coordinates, and updates weekly schedule to ensure all field tasks are accomplished on time  Inventories and organizes supplies; prepares all elements of daily field work  Ensures all field work is carried out in a safe manner and in accordance with safety policies, including COVID-91 safety protocols  Records all data thoroughly, reliably, consistently, and legibly  Carries permits for site access and insect collection and communicates with site managers as necessary  Maintains daily record of field activities • Non-field data collection and handling (dominant activities August-March 2022)  Collects trait data from flower-visiting insect specimens, using stereoscope  Pins, sorts, and curates insect specimens  Records all data thoroughly, reliably, consistently, and legibly  Curates data and follows data hygiene protocols provided  Accepts further reasonable work responsibilities in and out of the field as needs arise • Interacting with team and others  Communicates with clarity  Maintains respectful and collaborative attitude with good listening; consistently demonstrates respect for all members of the team  Initiates tasks without prompting  Collaborates with team and PI to constantly improve processes, but also commits to following PI’s decisions  Attends and participates in all required tech training modules and field days • Other duties as assigned, which may include the following  Conducts outreach workshops/presentations for funders, partners, and/or the public  Provides peer to peer mentoring and training in technical skills To apply: Email a letter of interest and a resume that includes contact information for three references (at least one must be a supervisor from a work experience) as a single PDF document to no later than Monday, February 22, 2021. The subject line of your email must be Quamash 2021 Plant-Pollinator Tech Application. Non-U.S. residents must also include a copy of their work visa. Applications will be considered as they are received! On diversity, equity, and inclusion: We are a tiny organization, but we feel very strongly about inclusion across gender, race, age, class, religion, identity, and experience. The basis of good science and good conservation is cooperative effort by many people integrating many ways of thinking. We hope and intend to create a workplace that attracts, values, and supports people of all backgrounds, including backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in ecology. We intend that all Quamash workers and collaborators will feel their contributions to our shared enterprise are valued and respected.
Minimum Qualifications: 
 • Able to identify plants, use technical keys, and collect plant vouchers • Able/willing to capture and dispatch insects using a net and kill jar • Excellent communicator; experienced working on a team 
 • Highly organized and able to manage complex objectives and take initiative 
 • Outgoing, energetic, flexible, and communicative • Experienced in data management; minimally, experienced in using spreadsheets • Valid driver’s license • Comfortable in a nature preserve setting: able to work long hours in adverse weather conditions while maintaining attention to the task and to safety considerations o Able to work in bent-over, kneeling, or standing positions for long periods of time 
 o Able to carry at least 20 lbs. and hike up to 1 mile
 Preferred Skills: 
 • 2 or more seasons of field research experience, with preference given to: o Able to identify plants of the Cascadia prairies o Experienced with insect capture, specimen handling, and pollinator taxonomy • First Aid certification 
 • Experience using GPS 

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