Point Count Technicians: Oregon

University of Washington
Malheur National Forest, Oregon
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$19.24 per hour (plus travel / lodging / food costs during work stints are covered above hourly pay!)
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Harvey Lab (https://depts.washington.edu/bjhlab/) at the University of Washington is hiring 2 full time point count technicians to work on a research project in the Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon. We are looking for individuals who are interested in ecology (birds, forests, and fire), adaptable, detail-oriented, able to follow protocols, enjoy working as part of a team outdoors in variable conditions, and can live cooperatively with others. Field assistants are critical members of our team and are essential to advancing research projects! PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Field assistants will be involved in a project researching edge effects and landscape threshold effects of forest fuel treatments on avian community diversity and species abundance. It will comprise a chapter of Don Radcliffe’s PhD dissertation in the Harvey Lab at the University of Washington. Don’s dissertation is focused on managing historically frequent fire forests for multiple values, including wildfire severity mitigation and retention of biodiversity. We acknowledge our work in the PNW is located on homelands of Indigenous peoples, and we have a responsibility to reflect on the histories of dispossession and forced removal of the original inhabitants, as well as the resilience and vibrancy of their cultures today. DUTIES: Field assistants will be collecting point count data on bird communities. Tasks will involve: (a) navigating variable terrain to forest plots using map, compass, and GPS; (b) identifying birds by site and sound; (c) collecting data on weather conditions and surrounding vegetation LOGISTICS: Field assistants will need to be on site for most of the six-week duration of the project, working early mornings and potentially long days 5-6 days a week. Flexibility in workdays is required to accommodate weather. Lodging will consist primarily of camping with potential for occasional field housing (not guaranteed). Camping gear (e.g., tents, sleeping pads) will be available for anyone who needs it. The two technicians will work together, and will not be asked to conduct fieldwork alone. They will be supervised by PhD student Don Radcliffe, who will be in the field and working independently some of the time to scout out and establish new plot locations. DURATION: April 26th to June 16th COMPENSATION: $19.24/hour (+ travel / lodging / food costs during work stints are covered above hourly pay!)
POSITION REQUIREMENTS: • Ability to identify western birds by sight and sound • Ability to adapt to changing schedules & conditions • Ability to navigate by foot and by vehicle in rural forested landscapes and rugged terrain • Ability to work well as a team and live cooperatively in remote and rugged areas under variable conditions • Willingness to work early mornings and weekends in variable weather and terrain, prioritizing safety • Commitment to a safe work environment that promotes equity, inclusion, and diversity • Two years college credits with major study in engineering or science, OR two years equivalent work experience. • Valid driver’s license SKILLS TO BE GAINED DURING THE POSITION: • Fieldwork, data collection, and research experience TO APPLY CURRENT UW STUDENTS — Send a single PDF application to Don Radcliffe (dradclif@uw.edu) with the following info: • Cover letter (1-pg) describing your interest in the position and relevant educational, professional, and/or personal experience to meet requirements • Resume or CV • Unofficial transcripts (no minimum GPA requirement) • Contact information (name, phone, & email) for two references • Availability (earliest start data & latest end date) ALL OTHER APPLICANTS — If you are not a current UW student, please apply via UW’s Job Portal at the following link: https://uwhires.admin.washington.edu/ENG/Candidates/default.cfm?szCategory=jobprofile&szOrderID=218585&szCandidateID=0&szSearchWords=&szReturnToSearch=1 We will begin reviewing applications March 1st, 2023 Please send questions to Don Radcliffe (dradclif@uw.edu)
Contact Person
Don Radcliffe
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