Policy Planning Specialist: Virginia

Virginia Marine Resources Commission
Hampton, VA
Job Category
Full time Positions
$85,000 to $108,900
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
* Responsible for the development, implementation and management of an agency program to improve marine habitat and waterways of the Commonwealth, to include formulating recommendations for funding projects involving State-owned submerged lands, tidal wetlands and coastal primary sand dunes and beaches. * Serve as the primary liaison to VMRC Academic and Advisory Partners at Virginia Colleges and Universities. * Work closely with the Habitat Management Division Chief, Fisheries Management Division Chief, and the state and federal partners to advance and align wetlands conservation and living shoreline policy with the requirements of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act, and enhance estuarine fish habitat, especially under climate change scenarios. * Assist the Habitat Management Division with annual CZM grants and reports.
* Extensive knowledge of the marine environment and the natural resources which depend on that environment as their habitat. *Experienced in providing the development, implementation, and interpretation of central budgets, policies, plans, performance measures, programs, processes and legislation * Must have credible knowledge and regulatory experience involving the management of coastal, estuarine and marine aquatic habitats. * Must demonstrate aptitude and ability to work independently and coordinate with various interest groups, state and federal agencies and local governments to develop a comprehensive and sound plan to achieve agency goals and objectives. * Must have a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science or a related field of study and at least 10 years’ experience in a government, academic, or nonprofit science advisory or applied research role.
Contact Person
Malinda Holden
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