Post doc shellfish geneticist: Oregon State University

Oregon State University
Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, Oregon
Job Category
Post Doctoral Appointments
$45,000 - 50,000
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Research Associate (Post Doc) will hold a leadership role in a larger research team made up of researchers from Oregon State University (OSU) and the Agriculture Research Service-United States Department of Agriculture (USDA - ARS) involved in cooperative research to improve commercially important traits of farmed Pacific oysters on the US West Coast through the application of quantitative and marker-assisted selection (MAS) methods.

Specific objectives are to participate in the design, execution and data analysis of experiments to: 1) develop resistant stocks to new microvariant strains of oyster herpes virus (OsHV-1 µvar) that pose a threat to the US West Coast oyster industry, 2) develop stocks that are resilient to hypoxic, acidified seawater (OA) in hatcheries and on farms, 3) develop high-yielding stocks as part of Oregon State University’s shellfish breeding program, the Molluscan Broodstock Program (MBP). Quantitative analysis of data should include application of mixed animal models e.g. AIREMLF90, ASReml.
- PhD in genetics or related discipline
-Experience in applying quantitative and molecular genetic techniques to determine responses of populations to environmental effects
-Evidence of:
• scholastic achievements in publications and scientific presentations
• self-motivation and able to work independently
• effective work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds
Contact Person
Chris Langdon
Contact eMail
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