Postdoc in soil and root microbial ecology (UCD, Dublin, Ireland)

University College Dublin (Ireland)
Dublin, Ireland
Job Category
Post Doctoral Appointments
€38,631 - €45,942 per annum
Last Date to Apply
Applications are invited for a 34 month post of a Post doctoral Research Fellow Level 1 or Level 2 within UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science ( We are looking to appoint a post-doctoral fellow with expertise in soil and root microbial ecology to conduct research on the resistance and resilience of grasslands under combined extreme flood and drought events. The post is part of a 4-year Science Foundation of Ireland funded project entitled “Delivering food security from grasslands by understanding the link between root microbial networks and resilient agriculture”. The key question is “how do aboveground-belowground linkages control the productivity, resistance and resilience of grasslands under different and extreme weather events?”. The post-doctoral fellow will work around this question to test hypotheses about the factors that structure plant-root microbe networks in areas at high risk of flood, how intense drought change plant-root microbe networks in fields that have experienced recurrent and extreme floods, how combinations of intense drought/flood followed by another intense drought/flood change plant-root microbe networks, and how productivity, root architecture and soil structure respond to changes in plant-root microbe networks under extreme drought and flood
PhD in Microbial ecology using molecular tools, especially high throughput sequencing microbial community ecology Research experience in microbial ecology, fungi, bacteria, root symbionts, field work Bioinformatic skills related to the molecular profiling of soil microbial community using high throughput sequencing Evidence of research activity (publications, conference presentations, awards) and future scholarly output (working papers, research proposals, and ability to outline a research project.
Contact Person
Prof. Tancredi Caruso (
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