Postdoctoral Associate – Evolution in Urban Environments: New York

SUNY-ESF, Syracuse, New York, USA
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Post Doctoral Appointments
$45,000-52,000 per year
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The postdoctoral associate will join an NSF-funded project with James Gibbs (SUNY-ESF) in conjunction with Bradley Cosentino (Hobart & William Smith Colleges; HWS) and Adalgisa Caccone (Yale University). The goal of the project is to understand the adaptive mechanisms by which urbanization mediates phenotypic evolution. The study takes advantage of the pigmentation model system in eastern gray squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis), a species with two genetically based color morphs: gray and melanic. We seek to understand the causes of selection that promote the increased incidence of the melanic morph in urban areas. This is a one year position, renewable for a second year, with salary and benefits. This position is ideal for anyone seeking professional development for a career that involves urban ecology, evolution, and conservation biology, with exposure to life as a faculty member at an institution dedicated to both research and undergraduate and graduate training in environmental biology. Primary duties: The postdoctoral research associate will oversee research on the differences between morphs in relation to selective features of the urban environment (predators, roads, thermal environment, food, and others). Approaches will include mark-recapture for survival estimation, manipulative experiments, behavior and physiology assessment, stable isotope analysis of diet, and fine-scale tracking with new communications technology (GPS tracking via LoRa). Development of additional lines of related research by the postdoctoral associate is anticipated. The postdoc will lead field surveys, data analysis, and publications, and contribute to outreach efforts via community science and engagement with K12 schools. The postdoc will be based at SUNY-ESF in Syracuse, NY, and meet frequently with the PIs and other project team members (postdocs at HWS & Yale, graduate students and project staff at SUNY-ESF, undergrad researchers at all institutions). The postdoc will also have the opportunity to teach and mentor undergraduate students in research at ESF for developing a teaching and mentoring portfolio.
Required Qualifications: PhD in ecology, evolution, wildlife biology, or a related field Experience with sampling wildlife in the field Strong communication skills and ability to work in a collaborative and multicultural environment Driver’s license for travel in the U.S Preferred Qualifications: A proven record of publishing research Research experience in urban ecology or evolution Experience with field sampling for small mammals, including live-trapping Strong quantitative skills and familiarity with animal tracking
Contact Person
James P. Gibbs
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