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Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO
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Postdoctoral Fellow Structured Decision Making Managing Chronic Wasting Disease This postdoc will work as part of an interdisciplinary team on a USDA–APHIS-funded project, “Structured Decision Making for Managing Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)”, that aims to (1) review current state and regional CWD surveillance programs and management strategies to compare objectives and data collection approaches, (2) evaluate surveillance design trade-offs and determine optimal sampling strategies, and (3) identify willing stakeholders and experts to participate in a series of meetings to develop a structure decision making (SDM) approach to optimize CWD management in regions with shared management objectives. The postdoc will have opportunities to work locally with collaborators at USDA National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) and interact with the newly formed Disease Decision Analysis and Research (DDAR) group at the Eastern Ecological Research Center (formerly, the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center). The postdoc will work closely with this team of wildlife biologists, disease ecologists, quantitative ecologists, and decision analysts and lead willing stakeholders, or their representatives, in a decision-making process to develop CWD-related objectives and plausible management strategies to determine optimal CWD management in selected regions with shared management objectives.
We seek a postdoc with good quantitative skills, a strong background in disease ecology (preferably CWD or related diseases), experience with decision-making or systems models, and an ability to communicate and collaborate well with a diversity of partners. The postdoc will review information on CWD surveillance efforts by state and federal agencies and compile list of objectives, data collected, and data management and use. Using this information, they will evaluate surveillance design trade-offs and determine optimal sampling strategies to meet common objectives. The postdoc will also compile all CWD management strategies employed or proposed and any qualitative or quantitative assessment of the outcome of these strategies. Required Qualifications: - Must have a doctoral or equivalent degree in Wildlife, Ecology/Biology, Veterinary Medicine, Epidemiology, Statistics, or closely related field at time of hire. - Demonstrated experience publishing scientific papers in one or more of the above fields. Desired Qualifications: - Knowledge or experience in disease ecology or conservation decision making demonstrated in submitted application materials. - Strong quantitative skills and spatial analysis. Experience / ability to communicate and collaborate well with a variety of partners.
Contact Person
Dr. Larissa Bailey
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