Postdoctoral Researcher: Houghton, MI

Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI
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We are seeking a qualified postdoctoral candidate to work with a collaborative group of researchers to develop a noninvasive SNP genotyping assays (GT-seq) for southeastern canine management and conservation, and to assist with genomic analyses. Specifically, we are seeking a postdoctoral researcher with a background in population genetics, where primary tasks will include: assisting with molecular lab work, including contemporary and historic DNA processing; bioinformatics for GT-seq panel development; coordination of multiple partners; potential whole-genome sequence data analyses. Project partners include Dr. Kristin Brzeski, Michigan Technological University, Dr. Bridgett vonHoldt, Princeton University, Drs. Lisette Waits and Jen Adams, University Idaho, and Dr. Ben Sacks, University California Davis. Responsibilities/details: -Bioinformatics to design GT-seq panel to differentiate coyotes and red wolves, id ancestry informative SNPs. Genomic data is already generated that will be used to design the assay. -Laboratory work to test, optimize, and validate the GT-seq panel based on canines with known pedigree and ancestry estimates. -Analysis and interpretation of resulting genotype data. -Preparing manuscripts as lead author. -Coordination and communication with research team. -Whole-genome data analysis, additional lab work as time allows
Preferred qualification include: -PhD in population genetics, molecular ecology, bioinformatics, or a related field -Proficiency in programming language -Experience working with high-throughput sequencing data -Demonstrated record of research productivity, especially through a strong publication record Application details: To apply, submit a pdf document to Dr. Kristin Brzeski ( that includes: 1) a cover letter describing previous experience and fit to the position, 2) full CV, and 3) contact information for 3 references. Review of applications will begin in April 2022, and will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled. The position is available effective immediately, with a flexible start date no later than Summer 2022. Questions regarding the position can be directed to Dr. Kristin Brzeski.
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Kristin E Brzeski
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