postdoctoral researcher in rodent-borne zoonoses

University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas, with international travel
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We are searching for a postdoctoral researcher to investigate zoonotic viruses in African rodents. The successful applicant will join a dynamic and cross-disciplinary team seeking to understand and mitigate zoonotic diseases in rural Africa. The postdoc will play a key role coordinating international fieldwork, including trapping wild rodents in diverse landscapes, collecting samples and ensuring appropriate storage, and helping with diagnostic assays. As appropriate, the postdoc will also lead analyses and write-up of manuscripts, and the preparation of grant applications. International travel will occur, with fieldwork to be conducted in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and potentially other countries if opportunities arise. We will be supported by local fieldwork teams in each country. Searching for wildlife reservoirs of monkeypox virus (MPXV) and other orthopoxviruses is a key project focus, with opportunities also available for the postdoc to conduct additional research studies consistent with their interests and the project scope. The successful applicant will be based in the lab of Dr. Kristian Forbes at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, USA, and will work closely with international team members and collaborators, especially Dr. Alyson Kelvin (Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization, Canada), Dr. Jason Kindrachuk (University of Manitoba, Canada), and Dr. Tarja Sironen (University of Helsinki, Finland). Fayetteville is a progressive city located in a beautiful natural area amongst the Ozark Mountains. A wide range of recreational activities are in close proximity such as hiking, cycling, kayaking and fishing, as well as museums, theaters and other cultural activities; Fayetteville regularly ranks amongst top US cities to live. The minimum qualification is a PhD in Biological Sciences or a related field and experience working with wild rodents. Previous experience conducting rodent fieldwork in developing countries, dissecting rodents or other small mammals, statistical modelling, and preparing manuscripts and grant applications will be highly regarded. As will the ability to communicate in French.
Requires a PhD in biological sciences. Desired skills: Experience handling and dissecting wild small mammals, particularly rodents Experience working in developing countries Experience analyzing data and writing manuscripts Ability to communicate in French would be advantageous
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Kristian Forbes
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