Postdoctoral Researcher: Las Cruces, New Mexico

New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute
Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States
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Post Doctoral Appointments
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The postdoctoral researcher will gain extensive experience working in a leadership capacity on NSF-funded projects and future proposals and collaborating with pioneer water, data, and systems scientists from renowned institutions such as the San Diego Supercomputer Center, System Dynamics Society, University of Bergen, and Sandia National Laboratories. The job duties and responsibilities of the postdoctoral researcher will be to conduct research and modeling supporting the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute in the following projects: Lead system dynamics-related activities of an NSF-funded project (AccelNet), which aims to create a new international network of networks that connects U.S. and international networks of hydrology, social science, data science, and systems science to establish a novel transboundary groundwater resiliency research approach. Activities include: 1. developing an online course on the application of system dynamics for transboundary groundwater resiliency research, 2. conducting group model building workshops, and 3. acting as a liaison for the System Dynamics Society’s Water Special Interest Group. Seek external funding through writing and submitting grant proposals. Assist, instruct and function as a role model for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in a relevant research program. Publish papers in peer-reviewed academic journals. Assist in the research training of graduate students associated with the Water Science and Management graduate degree program. Supervise, direct, delegate and evaluate work of assigned staff. Oversee and/or conduct research. Assist in technical support for the delegated project. Create new opportunities by preparing and submitting new project proposals to national funding agencies. Perform related duties as required. Note: The postdoc is responsible for performing duties in line with meeting NMSU LEADS 2025 strategic goals of enhancing student success & social mobility, elevating research & creativity, amplifying extension & outreach, and building a robust university system.
To apply for this position, please click here: Skills in short- and long-range planning; problem analysis and resolution; report preparation and presentation; public contact and relations; oral and written communication; literature reviews and compilation; material development for scientific and non-scientific audiences; grant writing and peer reviewed publications; modification of existing models or development of new models. The applicant may be responsible for, but not limited to, assisting in technical and outreach support in the department and organizing outreach events and conferences addressing activities associated with the research project. Ability to direct, evaluate, train and supervise the work of assigned personnel; develop and maintain effective working relationships; maintain accurate and orderly records; use independent judgment and initiative; organize and direct activities; analyze and evaluate information; make presentations; work as a member of a team; write technical reports, conference presentation papers, peer-reviewed journal articles and grant proposals. PhD in a discipline related to system dynamics and hydrologic modeling such as data analytics, or informatics at an accredited institution of higher education. Demonstrate knowledge pertaining to hydrology, arid region issues, multi-disciplinary teamwork, network analysis, and stakeholder engagement. Requires valid driver’s license. Must be able to obtain an NMSU driving permit within three months of employment. Requires travel to field sites, presentations, etc. Must be able to travel out of state and overnight.
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Jeanette Torres
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