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The Yale Center for Biodiversity and Global Change and its flagship project Map of Life are offering up to three Postgrad Associate positions starting summer to fall 2021. The successful candidate(s) will join a diverse team of researchers and staff to advance the mission of the Center and Map of Life. The Yale Center for Biodiversity and Global Change connects biodiversity scientists from across campus and worldwide. It supports research and training around the use of new technologies and data flows for model-based inference and prediction of biodiversity distributions and changes at large spatial and taxonomic scales. For details about the activities and projects at the Center look here ( and explore Map of Life ( Postgraduate Associate (PGA) positions with Map of Life provide opportunities for recent graduates to gain critical skills and experience in biodiversity, conservation, and data science. PGA positions place a particular emphasis on training and mentorship and are part of the Map of Life team of staff researchers and software developers. Training PGA positions are dedicated to providing training including but not limited to the following areas: - Understanding, handling, and standardizing spatial biodiversity and environmental data that come from various sources, in a range of formats, and data types - Improving coding skills such as R, Python by processing data and conducting different analyses. - Improving GIS skills by digitizing, manipulating and plotting spatial information in different platforms (QGIS as well as ESRI products) - Writing efficient code and collaborating with a large team on complex projects - Attending and participating in group meetings addressing research, project planning, and other topics - Auditing classes and seminars related to ecology, biodiversity, and other topics - Connect individually with researchers in the group to learn about their work and how it relates to the mission of the Center Mentoring Each Candidate will be actively supported in developing mentoring relationships with senior group members. These relationships aim to provide insight into possible career paths and potential research and create connections with other researchers and professionals in the field of biodiversity conservation. The focus is on developing the Postgraduate Associate’s unique interest and ambition and on actively supporting the advancement in their career. Postgraduate Assistant positions are limited to one year with the opportunity to extend for a second year in particular circumstances. Positions are full time, paid, and provide benefits. These positions are open to international applicants that are eligible for student visas to enter the US. To apply for a PGA position, submit your resume, cover letter, and contact information for three references to In your cover letter include a section about how this position fits with your larger career goals and how you will make a great fit for our team.
Education and experience PGA positions require at least a bachelor's degree in a field related to ecology, conservation biology, data science, computer science, geography, geoinformatics, or environmental science and a strong interest and passion for biodiversity, conservation, and large data. Skills and abilities: - Excellent attention to detail and accuracy - Knowledge of at least one coding language such as R or Python and the ability to expand coding skills independently - Knowledge of GIS such as QGIS or ESRI products - Understanding of spatial data and spatial data processing - Good written and oral communication skills and ability to collaborate with team members from diverse backgrounds and with varying interests - Eagerness to learn and improve on skills and to understand, execute and (when appropriate) improve established procedures and processes
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