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An exciting program that allows anyone who has an interest in veterinary medicine to explore a variety of fields: wildlife, large animal, and small animal. You will gain valuable hands-on experience with African wildlife, practice veterinary skills on large animal species and administer veterinary care to animals in disadvantaged communities. Wildlife, small animal, and large animal aspects are all covered within a 3-week period, however, activities are planned according to the needs of the community. Therefore, we cannot guarantee which species or activities will be offered at any given time. The minimum recommended stay is 3 weeks to factor in changes or incidentals to ensure you will be able to do the core activities the programme has to offer (ie. game capture because so many details need to work together, weather factors, farmers availabilities, etc.) There are also other activities that come up outside of the planned activities such as follow up on cases and emergency call outs. If you stay longer than 3 weeks, you will be able to do many of those activities, but you will also get more experience at repeating activities. You will be pushed your learning further with questioning about prior knowledge, getting you to teach other students, getting a chance to be in a different role in the same procedure (ie. rather than handling, you inject or draw meds, clip hooves; or do more advanced work such as open an abscess, briefing the owner about what's happening, etc). PLEASE NOTE: you will not be working with the programme Vet during your entire stay. You will be working with the vets for some activities, including clinic work, game capture, and some farm procedures. Other activities are lead by Program Coordinators who work with you and the community on behalf of the vet.
Participants of this programme are from a range of backgrounds and experience so everyone will receive the same training at the start of each task. You will usually perform the same task as other students, but some activities have advanced options for students with more experience. Past participants have gained credits for their attendance, we can elaborate on this during a first call. The programme starts each Monday, until November 2022. This is a paid-for programme, the fee you pay covers for accommodation, meals, transfers from the airport and other details.
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