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An exciting program that allows anyone who has an interest in veterinary medicine to explore a variety of fields: wildlife, large animal, and small animal. You will gain valuable hands-on experience with African wildlife, practice veterinary skills on large animal species and administer veterinary care to animals in disadvantaged communities. This program shadows the life of a mixed-practice veterinarian in South Africa. Wildlife, small animal, and large animal aspects are all covered within a 2-week period, however, activities are planned according to the needs of the community. Therefore, we cannot guarantee which species or activities will be offered at any given time. Please note that it is a hands-on program, i.e. you will draw up and inject antibiotics and medication. (sedatives, euthanasia, or chemotherapy is only being done by the program vet) Being able to do the injections yourself is one of the major benefits of working in South Africa, as that experience is hard to get in more developed countries. Students are from a range of backgrounds and experience so everyone will receive the same training at the start of each task. You will usually perform the same task as other students, but some activities have advanced options for students with more experience.
Who should apply? Animal Lovers Participants that are interested in veterinary medicine but don’t have much experience use this program to explore the various fields of veterinary medicine, work with exotic species, start recording experience hours, and make a difference in disadvantaged communities. Small animal veterinary work in South Africa Pre-vet Students Students intending to apply for veterinary school use this program to get more veterinary experience hours, work with a wide range of species, gain some clinical skills, and even get a recommendation letter that outlines their experience. Our participants certainly stand out on vet school applications! Vet students/Vet techs Participants in vet school or with a vet tech/vet nurse degree use this program to expand their species repertoire, practice clinical skills, and help animals in disadvantaged communities. Kindly note, there are costs involved when participating in this program Duration 2018 Fee 2 weeks $1,925 3 weeks $2,550 4 weeks $3,200 Rates includes: Safe and comfortable accommodation All meals Airport transfers Project-related transportation Wi-fi access Washing facilities Permits & entry fees Welcome packet with coupons for local establishments T-shirt Supplies & medication for non-profit community work Intern Africa will assist you in finding a suitable flight, apply for a possible visa, provide information on travel insurance, immunizations, travel and other required details. Rates excludes Flights Visa fees (if required) Travel Insurance
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