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This specific program is open to pre-vet students as well as animal lovers. You will gain hands-on experience with small animals, farm animals, and wildlife. The goal of the program is to provide veterinary care to animals that would otherwise have none, as well as to provide students with hands-on field experience. All components (small animals, farm animals, and wildlife) are covered every week. The wildlife element is mainly game capture- the tranquilization and transportation of wild game, usually to serve a conservation purpose. Occasionally, an animal will be darted to check or treat an injury, take blood samples, or ear tag. Interns help to monitor vitals and physically transport the animal. The work with farm animals is focused on showing interns exactly what it means to be a vet. Interns shadow the Programme Vet as well as supervisors and assist in procedures that are specialised to maximize their experience; these procedures go above and beyond the experience that AVMA accredited vet schools expect to see on applications. The program strives to make the students exceptionally skilled in all aspects of veterinary medicine. The small animal component is run out of Wild Coast Veterinary Clinic- the goal is to create a smaller and healthier population of animals in the local villages by performing spays and neuters. They also focus on preventative measures against fleas and ticks, and administer mange injections and deworming tablets, as these are big problems in this area.
Pre-vet students and 1st year vet students Dates run from March 2022 to November 2022, starting each Monday. Rates: 2 weeks 2200 USD 3 weeks 2900 USD 4 weeks 3700 USD These rates include pick up from the airport in East London, South Africa, all meals, lodging, supervision and transfers at the project site. Flights, travel insurance, immunizations, snacks are not included.
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