Predation management biologist – Panama City, FL

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Panama City, Florida
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The Predation Management Biologist will work closely with the Regional Shorebird Biologist and Regional Species Conservation Biologist to conduct shorebird predation management which addresses predator issues at multiple sites within the eastern Florida panhandle (Gulf and Franklin Counties). This individual will be responsible for identifying predation problems and devising and implementing site specific solutions. Predator identification will be conducted using tracking surveys to identify and determine the presence and spatial use patterns of various mammalian and avian predators in the beach/dune habitat and surrounding natural areas. Predator tracking and population assessments will be completed using sand transects, scent stations, bait stations, and game cameras. Additional activities will include investigating the use of novel targeted predator aversion techniques. Efforts may also include relocating wildlife observed in shorebird nesting habitat, utilizing noose carpets to trap and remove fish crows that are preying on shorebirds, and lethal removal of avian and mammalian predators when necessary. This individual is expected to map and document all predation management activities, record GPS points for aversion technique plots and create maps of all work areas using ArcGIS or Google Earth. This individual will assist with report writing, data analysis, and distributing findings. The Predation Management Biologist will be responsible for communicating with private landowners, local land managers, partnering agencies and the public about predation management in beach dune habitat. This position will attend public meetings and educational events and participate in shorebird working groups as a spokesperson for predation management.
Applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in a life science. Applicant must have experience with a handheld GPS unit and mapping software such as GIS or Google Earth. Applicant must be able to trailer, launch, retrieve and navigate an outboard motor vessel in marine waters. Applicant must have experience trailering, loading, securing, and driving a UTV in remote locations and extreme terrain. Applicant must be able to trailer and park a 30-foot camper. The chosen applicant must be able to spend up to 10 days at a time away from home. Applicant must have a current concealed carry permit. Applicant must be proficient with firearms and the use of a variety of traps. Proficiency with Microsoft Office (specifically PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook) is required. Preference will be given to candidates that have experience with mammalian and avian predation management in the beach dune communities in Florida. Experience with shorebird ID and nest searching/monitoring is preferred. Experience with public speaking experience is also be preferred. To apply, visit:
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Nick Vitale
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