Prescribed Burn Association (PBA) Project Coordinator: Susanville, CA

Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District
Susanville, CA
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Part Time Vacancies
32$/hr. Part time
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Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District (HLVRCD) is accepting applications for the position of a part-time Prescribed Burn Associated (PBA) Project Coordinator for the Lassen PBA. This position works under direct supervision of the HLVRCD District Manager and HLVRCD Board of Directors. A prescribed burn association is a group of landowners and other organizations working together to utilize low-intensity fire as a fuels reduction and forest stewardship tool. HLVRCD is working to teach private landowners by providing educational workshops and resources, and hosting demonstration burns to build a knowledgeable public capable of burning in a safe, legal, and ecologically responsible manner. We aim to empower residents by providing opportunities for them to gain experience in using fire as a tool so they can feel comfortable using it on their own land PRIMARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The PBA Project Coordinator will work with the District Manager to help create the initial building blocks in building a Lassen Prescribed Burn Association with coordination of various community-led prescribed fire work activities. They will help to coordinate and conduct site visits with new partners to potential fuels treatment sites around the region, assessing feasibility of such partnerships and collaborations, and maintaining professional and collaborative relations with key partners. The Project Coordinator will report the outcomes and findings of these visits and provide updates regarding relationship building to the team. They will participate in assessment and mapping of burn units, support the drafting of burn plans and smoke management plans, and work closely with on-the-ground partners and landowners in the development of local collaborative efforts and implementation. The Project Coordinator will work with the team to plan, prepare, monitor, and implement prescribed burns. Coordinate the association and provide support to its members. The Project Coordinator will be responsible for organizing meetings, burn days, permitting and training opportunities as well as managing communication with members, partners and the public. In addition, the Project Coordinator will be trained to be able to provide site visits and help assist landowners in planning for a burn event. Year 1 & 2 Activities: Coordinate PBA Meetings and Burn Days - Deliverables will be meeting notes from each meeting coordinated by the Lassen PBA. Coordinate PBA Trainings - Deliverables will be photos and attendance lists of each training organized by the Lassen PBA. Manage Membership signups and Contact with Landowners - Deliverable will be the list of members at the end Year 2 for the Lassen PBA. Visit Landowners/Burn units - Deliverable will be a spreadsheet of all landowners/burn units visited. Assist Landowners with Burn Planning and Permitting - Deliverable will be a spreadsheet of all landowners who were provided with assistance in planning and permitting, will include data about the type of assistance, acres planned, and total acres burned by county. Coordinate with Partners - Deliverable will be a list of partners that have been engaged in the Lassen PBA during the year. Sharing of local work being done via the CalPBA Podio along with other social media outlets – Deliverable will be list of publications or media engagements Create a monthly written report for HLVRCD board meetings, summarizing the past months' activities and work that was completed. Report the outcomes and findings of site visits and provide updates regarding relationship building to the HLVRCD District Manager on a bi-weekly basis Provide an impact report on how the WRTC-Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Program funding, as well as any Peer Mentoring and/or WRTC coaching, mentoring and training, have increased local capacity in the local geographic area.
WORKING CONDITIONS: Work Setting, including hazards: The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals on the basis of disability. The information below outlines considerations for this position and it is intended to outline any accommodations that may be necessary under ADA. This position will require work in an office environment as well as working in the field on uneven terrain carrying a typical fire field pack and possibly tools in all types of weather and often smoky conditions. Coordinator will be required to attend prescribed burns. This will mean that the associate will be exposed to fire heat and flames, smoke from fires and other hazards as anticipated with prescribed burns. This position will require walking, bending, and stooping at times, while also carrying up to 50 pounds of gear and equipment; load and transport equipment and gear.Schedule: Regular schedule is part time, hours work per day can be flexible. Plan on 10 to 20 hours per week. Some weeks may be more, some less. Work hours will remain flexible to enhance functionality and productivity to ensure program goals are achieved. Weekend and holiday work may be required. Travel Requirements: Frequent traveling to conduct planning and implementation of fuels projects, especially when prescribed burning will be required. Tools and Equipment: Normal office equipment will be used. For planning purposes, GPS units and GIS will be used. During burning projects, all firefighting tools and equipment will be used including hand tools, pumps and water handling equipment, UTV/ATV engines, and chainsaws. Customer Interactions: Interaction with other agencies and the public will occur regularly to explain fire control and Lassen PBA work. This position will require communications and interaction with the public and county agencies on a regular basis. Qualifications: REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: An Associates or Bachelor’s degree from a two or four-year college or university involving study in one (1) of the following: Forestry, Biology, Agriculture, Geology, Fire Management, or a closely related science degree. - OR - * Please note: Professional experience in a related field will substitute year-for-year for education. Licenses: Valid driver’s license. Certificates: The project coordinator will be expected to attain applicable certifications during hiring period. These certification training will be funded by the district. Experience in/with: Fire ecology (fire behavior, fire effects and by-products and their ecosystem actions), fire weather, fuel types, fuel conditions, fuels assessment, smoke management. CAL-TREX trainings and/or ability to participate in CAL-TREX and TREX Trainings and events, along with NWGC courses. Working effectively with Committees, Boards, and/or landowners to convey technical information. Ability to effectively correspond verbally with others in all situations. GIS and GPS systems, specifically the ability to map projects at a basic level. Knowledge of: Tools and techniques used to prepare for and implement Rx burns. California State burn laws. Smoke management rules and smoke management plans at the State and Federal level. Ability to: Develop and prepare effective and comprehensive correspondence, reports and other written material Effectively work with multiple individuals from multiple organizations towards a common goal. Effectively communicate, both orally and in writing. Develop and present information so that the community and its members who are unfamiliar with Rx fire work can clearly understand content Be comfortable managing numerous, and frequently changing tasks and issues, and organizing one's own work priorities and responsibilities. The employee must know or understand: Team building skills: Leads and promotes cooperation and commitment within a team to achieve goals and deliverables. People skills: communicates well with others while assigning tasks, instructions, and expectations. Communications: Clear oral and written instructions, listening, incorporating, and learning from what supervisors and others have said. Also, when unclear or in doubt regarding direction, ask appropriate questions for clarification. Safety focus: Adhere to all workplace and safety standards for fire management operations. Use of fire management tools and fuel inventory tools. Equipment operation (ATV, UTV, 4-wheel drive vehicles, brush fire engine, water pumps) Use of water handling equipment Takes personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work and makes the best use of available time and resources. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Demonstrated ability to collaborate with other organizations, e.g., Private, Local, State, Federal and/or Tribal, to coordinate efforts to restore fire to fire dependent wildlife habitats. Demonstrated ability to plan, coordinate and implement multi-organization fire projects to provide cross-training contemporaneously with fire restoration to fire dependent wildlife habitat. Training in ecological monitoring of fire, fire effects and fire by-products. Familiar with and/or training in fuels and fire management software. Familiar with and experience in fire weather. Basic 32 Fire Training and Certificate Salary Range and Benefits: $27.00 to $32.00/hour, depending on experience. A work truck may be available for field visits. When not, mileage will be reimbursed at the current federal rate. Teleworking options are available for office duties. Benefits include PTO and Sick leave: 3 hours per 80hrs worked, 4 hours per 80hrs worked in a single pay period (to be adjusted for part-time work); increased to 4 hours PTO and 4 hours Sick Leave after 1st year of employment. *This is a PART TIME position due to grant funding sources. From the point of hiring until April 2023, this position is funded at .25 FTE/10hrs per week.
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