Preserve and Ranch Manager: Texas

Katy Prairie Conservancy
Waller, Texas and Hockley, Texas
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Full time Positions
TBD Based on Experience
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PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE • Implement and update short- and long-term property management plans • Define needs and budgets for property management and maintenance • Coordinate all aspects of construction or improvement projects, including oversight of contractors, suppliers, etc. • Control access to properties; monitor fences, deal with trespass issues • Maintain structures, tools, and equipment PRAIRIE AND WETLAND RESTORATION • Learn and implement practices for restoration of native tallgrass prairie and wetlands, including prescribed burns, brush and invasive species control, grazing management. • Apply for and manage C-GRIP, EQIP, and other programs for funding PROPERTY MONITORING • Document property conditions of all preserve properties at least annually, with assistance from the stewardship committee and as assigned by KPC’s Conservation Director. • Review recommendations for addressing issues WARREN RANCH PASTURE HEALTH • Implement sustainable grazing plan on Warren Ranch as developed internally or with outside consultant • Improve and maintain pasture health WARREN RANCH CATTLE OPERATIONS • Review the current ranch practices and manage a healthy and profitable cattle operation • Supervise Cattle Manager to buy and sell cattle within budgets to optimize herd size and composition • Supervise Cattle Manager regarding haying, feed needs, and veterinary care • Supervise and train contractors or ranch hands to assist with ranch operations WARREN RANCH AGRICULTURAL OPERATIONS • Participate in Federal Farm Programs, including compliance with current Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) requirements. WARREN RANCH FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT • Work with Warren Ranch accountant to ensure proper recordkeeping and reporting • Maintain communications with Warren family members OTHER • Assist with research groups and others requiring access, under the supervision of the Conservation Director • Maintain Warren Lake Viewing Platform • Cooperate with Conservation Director regarding practices such as disking and plowing to improve habitat for hunting. • Manage water well usage and relationship with Harris County Subsidence District • Assist Conservation Director regarding oil and gas and other mineral activities The Katy Prairie Conservancy’s preserves in Harris, Waller and Fort Bend Counties support a large population of migratory birds and other wildlife. The protected lands include its majority ownership interest in the Warren Ranch, a 6,004-acre working cattle ranch that is owned jointly with two other co-owners who are members of the original family who founded the ranch. The Preserve and Ranch Manager will have responsibility of the day-to-day management of the preserves and the ranch.
Applicant must be willing to work in physically demanding conditions, after hours and on weekends, as necessary, in all weather conditions to perform essential job duties. These include the health and welfare of the livestock along with other production and management activities such as hay production and wildlife management activities in addition to helping improve on-the-ground conditions of soil and grassland health. The ideal candidate will understand the balance between having a profitable preserve and ranch operation while ensuring the health of the natural resources found on the preserve. The ideal candidate will be willing to attend classes and workshops to learn new practices, work with others in the agricultural, conservation and ranching community, and explore new ideas and programs that will make the preserve and ranch a model enterprise. Degree Requirements: Undergraduate or graduate degree in Range Management, Agricultural Science, Agribusiness Management, Wildlife Biology, Natural Resources Management, or similar field of study desired. Knowledge of or willingness to learn cattle health software, Microsoft Office, Landscape, and other software. Knowledge and ability to use GIS preferred but not required. Other benefits include Health Insurance for Employee and participation in the institutional retirement plan. A truck will be provided. Applicant must have a current driver’s license. As an exempt, salaried employee, the Preserve and Ranch Manager is not eligible for overtime. If interested, please send cover letter and resume or statement of qualifications to Elisa Donovan at Candidate will be required to pass background check and provide references upon request.
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Elisa Donovan
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