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Consider animal volunteering at this sanctuary in South Africa. The wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre has been operational for almost 10 years 2010 and is based in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa. The only primate rehabilitation in the province, thus the work focuses mainly on vervet monkeys. Other wildlife that needs to be rescued is also taken in and to date have successfully worked with mongoose, many antelope and bird species, warthog, bush pigs, bush babies, small predators and reptiles. Involved in the running and day-to-day operations of the centre, you are the essential link in the success of this amazing initiative. New experiences, feeding and food preparation for the animals and cleaning their enclosure can be expected, all for the health and well-being of the animals that call this centre their home, even temporarily. The love and support of the generous volunteers at this centre make it possible to serve the 100’s of desperate animals in need of their care and medical attention. The lack of funding and support from the government make the funds received from volunteer’s all the more precious, and your hard work, dedication and support make the rehab the success that it is today. Caring for more than 100 animals on a daily basis is a costly exercise, and volunteers can rest assured that their generosity is never overlooked or under appreciated. Your monetary donation and your most precious time are highly valued and sought-after commodities that make the world of difference, to both the animals and those staff members permanently located at the centre. While at the centre you will be learning new skills and gaining hands-on experience, at the same time meeting new people and sinking your teeth into a totally new way of life. You will be warmly welcomed and treated as a professional member of the team, required to complete task to the absolute best of your ability, and to make the biggest difference in the limited time that you have at the centre. As a volunteer you will gain hands-on experience in working with animals and learn about African endangered wildlife. Listening and learning, and using your intuition are always welcome and recommended to ensure the successful running of the centre in its entirety. The animals at the centre come first, and with this in mind, no day is ever really structured the same. Normal working hours for the volunteers starts at 7am, and continues throughout the day ‘till around 5pm. It is good to keep in mind that any animal emergencies are bound to change the daily schedule and routine, and take preference over any volunteer plans made or structured working hours. Daily jobs at the centre will involve the majority of the following tasks and duties: You can take part in the daily feeding of a variety of orphaned and permanently housed animals (this depends entirely on the animals at the centre at the time) , as well as the sorting of new food deliveries The hand raising and bottle feeding of orphaned and abandoned animals Between November and May you will be supervising the baby monkey nursery to ensure that they receive sufficient playing, feeding, sleeping and other necessary essentials Cleaning is of the utmost importance and you will be doing a lot of it to avoid possible infections from spreading Help to administer medications Construction and maintenance projects – building and repairing enclosures, replacing old fences, painting, laying pipes, and the like Participating in the rescue and, you may even get the chance to release some of the animals Enrichment projects for both the centre and the animals The removal of alien plant s
Rates include Shared accommodation, all meals, transfer from Nelspruit - Badplaas Rates for 2 weeks 650 EUR / currenty 720 USD 4 weeks 975 EUR / currently 1075 USD
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