Private Lands Biologist: Verona, VA

Conservation Management Inst. at Virginia Tech
Verona, VA
Job Category
Full time Positions
45000 - 50000
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Private Lands Biologist (PLB) position serves as a technical expert on wildlife habitat management and supports wildlife conservation by evaluating current habitat conditions and designing wildlife habitat improvements to positively impact terrestrial wildlife populations for private and public landowners across Virginia. The employee works independently to build the partnerships necessary for increasing delivery and implementation of financial incentives programs related to wildlife conservation, be they USDA – NRCS, USDA – FSA, state Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Department of Wildlife Resources, Department of Forestry, etc. Employee develops and conducts outreach programs for multiple audiences regarding wildlife habitat management, participates in scientific monitoring to evaluate the effectiveness of wildlife habitat enhancement programs, and serves on appropriate Department committees to review biological and sociological data to guide regulation and policy development.
• Advanced degree in a related discipline • Demonstrated professional experience in evaluating wildlife habitat conditions and developing and implementing habitat management plans • Excellent communication and organizational skills and demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and effectively with diverse audiences • Ability to work independently with little supervision and with diverse clientele • Working knowledge of wildlife ecology principles, and the ability to apply those principles utilizing various habitat management tools, in order to develop NRCS, or other types of conservation plans • Demonstrated skill with communications Please complete application instructions found on website provided.
Contact Person
Scott Klopfer
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