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Baracoa, Cuba
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Professional Development Opportunity: Community-Based Adaptation and Community Development Climate change-related impacts go far beyond sea-level rise. They are affecting and will continue to affect every aspect of our lives from potable water and food security to health epidemics. Helping to strengthen communities against the impacts related to climate change is one of the most pressing concerns of our time. Recognizing this need, we’ve decided to extend a special invitation to Ecothropic alumni and other qualifying professionals/students. Ecothropic and the Vermont Caribbean Institute have partnered with the Unidad de Servicios Ambientales Alejandro de Humboldt in Baracoa, Cuba to facilitate Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) for communities inside Humboldt National Park. Overview: Baracoa, Guantánamo Province, Cuba is among the innumerable communities that are feeling the effects of climate change. In October 2016 the area was affected by the Hurricane Matthew, the first category 4 hurricane in recorded history to affect the region. Damages to infrastructure, natural vegetation, agriculture, and potable water were severe. Government programs including early warning systems, prevention and recovery were essential to prevent the loss of life and ensure a rapid recovery. For the population of the region, the storm was a warning about the need to be prepared for future hurricanes and other climate-related impacts. Local actions can complement government support and contribute to national initiatives such as Tarea Vida to help communities be resilient to climate change. Ecothropic and our partners are working with rural communities in the region to strengthen themselves against climate-related impacts. Through community-based adaptation planning processes, we create the opportunity for dialogue and analysis of changes in the local climate, related-impacts, and concrete actions to strengthen communities. The final product is a Community Adaptation Plan, created and implemented by the community with local resources and knowledge. Opportunity: We have decided to welcome a maximum of 5 Ecothropic alumni and other qualifying students/professionals to accompany us and learn first-hand about community-based adaptation work and community development processes. Students will learn about climate change impacts and opportunities to strengthen rural communities through ecosystem and community-based adaptation through lectures, discussions, and joining the team during community workshops (in otherwise inaccessible rural communities in Cuba) to learn first-hand how to work with communities in locally-based planning processes. Participants may have the opportunity to partner with Ecothropic in future CBA work. Costs: We have subsidized participation costs to offer a reduced rate of $2700 per person. This includes visas, travel insurance, lectures, transportation, accommodation, breakfast, and lunch. Airfare, additional activities, drinks, and dinners are not included. Dates: August 13-24, 2018 (for exceptional circumstances, students may be permitted to reduce the length of their participation to the first week of activities).
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