Professor of Sustainability and Environmental Education – Goshen College, Indiana

Goshen College - Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center
Goshen/Wolf Lake, Indiana
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This position supports the academic mission of Goshen College and Merry Lea by teaching undergraduate and graduate courses related to sustainability and environmental education. The academic focus of this position is broadly in the field of sustainability, especially as the connects to humans, the environment, and society. Expertise in some combination of environmental policy, advocacy, sustainable community development, rural economic development, and similar areas would be especially valuable. This position includes teaching and advising work with students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels (i.e., graduate students pursuing a Master of Arts in Environmental Education). Undergraduate responsibilities involve helping to deliver an immersive residential fall sustainability semester at Merry Lea, and teaching courses both in that program and on campus. This position includes time for ongoing research and writing in the candidates’ expertise.
- Doctoral degree in environmental or sustainability sciences or education, sustainable economic development, environmental policy, or any broadly related field.
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Jason Martin
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