Program Coordinator: Monroe, MI

River Raisin Institute
610 West Elm Avenue, Monroe, MI 48162
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The Program Coordinator is responsible for coordinating and administering the Institute’s programs, which may include, planning, developing and implementing the program activity. The Program Coordinator works to ensure that the RRI vision and mission are carried out effectively, efficiently, consistently and collaboratively in all aspects of programming. Working with the Executive Director, who has primary responsibility for the overall administration of the Institute, the Program Coordinator will develop, plan, coordinate and implement programs and activities in the following areas • Environmental education, specifically o Climate literacy programs in the schools o Environmental Career Days o Lake Erie Water Festival o River Raisin Water Festival o Budding Naturalists • Sustainability awareness programs o Earth Day o Gathering o Other sustainable community programs, events and initiatives • Ecological stewardship o Western Lake Erie Collaborative Conservation Community of the Stewardship Network o S.S.Lapointe Drain Watershed Improvement o Wildlife Series The Program Coordinator reports to the RRI Executive Director and works with the RRI Assistant and the River Raisin Institute Mission & Program Committee. Principle Duties and Responsibilities 1. Work with the Executive Director to implement a feasible program plan in accordance with the mission, vision and strategic plan of the RRI. 2. Organize place- based educational programming and curriculum focused around the mission and vision of the organization and consistent with the organization’s transformational learning philosophy. 3. Facilitate program development, implementation and assessment in collaboration with the Mission & Program Committee. 4. Advise, make recommendations to and assist in updating the Mission & Program section of the RRI Strategic Plan. 5. Cultivate new partnerships and alliances as part of program development and implementation. 6. Monitor and evaluate program effectiveness and recommend and implement modifications to improve program effectiveness. 7. Assist in the development of fund-raising opportunities and programs, including but not limited to grants and appeals, to support RRI programs. 8. Foster and coordinate new ideas and concepts for sustainability programming themes and identify materials and resources to supplement, expand or replace existing sustainability programming. 9. Represent RRI’s sustainability programs to the public; attend professional meetings as appropriate; interface with external organizations to ensure cooperative efforts are enhanced and available resources are utilized. 10. Work effectively and collaboratively with co-workers. 11. Drive as needed. 12. Perform other duties of this position as may become necessary. Accountable to Executive Director of the River Raisin Institute
Qualifications 1. Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies, Sustainability, or Education or related field or equivalent experience 2. Proven experience in program administration 3. Ability to work as a member of a team with a volunteer Board 4. Ability to learn, understand and support the Institute’s vision, mission and values 5. Proven public relations, marketing skills 6. Proven program development experience 7. Ability to assist in the development of fund raising opportunities 8. Working knowledge of sustainability, ecological restoration, greening systems and place based education 9. Excellent communications, supervisory, decision-making, facilitation and collaboration skills 10. Ability to work a flexible schedule including evening and/or weekend hours 11. Valid driver’s license 12. Good driving record 13. Ability to maintain good relationships with others, regardless of personal preferences
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Danielle Conroyd
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