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WHY DO THIS COURSE? Career starters: Improve your chances of getting your dream conservation job by getting a qualification in a required skill for many conservation positions. Practitioners: Learn how to manage conservation projects more efficiently and in a way that achieves maximum impact. WHAT WILL I LEARN? This training course has been developed with input from experienced practitioners to help conservationists manage conservation projects of any type or size. You will learn how to: - Apply a set of practical and ethical principles to guide your project. - Assign roles to clarify team structure and decision-making, and improve internal communication and coordination. - Split projects into clear phases, from planning through to reporting project outcomes. - Use control processes to monitor the progress of your work and adapt to new information and changing conditions. - Establish administrative processes to help conduct effective internal meetings and develop high-quality project documents. - Standardise reporting to record, evaluate and share the impact of your work, both internally and externally. WHAT WILL MY LEARNING EXPERIENCE BE LIKE? In this online training course, we do our best to recreate the best of the interactive and supportive classroom environment, while offering you the flexibility to learn when and where you want. You will be supported throughout by our expert trainers via Zoom and WildHub. The course is run over 6 weeks, with an average of 3.5 hours learning per week. The training combines weekly live teaching sessions and pre-recorded training videos to work from in your own time. WHO IS PROVIDING THIS TRAINING? WildTeam UK is a not-for-profit charity that designs and delivers training in key skills that help conservationists increase their impact. To date, we have trained nearly 1,500 conservationists from 91 countries.
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