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Job Title: Propagation Specialist Location: Boise, ID Regular / Full-Time Salary $16.00/hour plus housing Start Date Winter/Spring 2023 WORK WITH US The Peregrine Fund was founded in 1970 to restore the critically endangered Peregrine Falcon, which was subsequently removed from the U.S. Endangered Species List in 1999. That success encouraged the organization to expand its focus and apply its experience and understanding to raptor conservation efforts on behalf of over 100 species in 65+ countries worldwide. The Peregrine Fund is non-political, solution-oriented and hands-on, with a mission to: ● Restore rare species through captive breeding and releases. ● Improve local capacity for conservation through training and support. ● Conduct scientific research on little known species and solve conservation problems. ● Provide environmental education. ● Conserve habitat. Our employee benefits program plays a vital role in demonstrating our commitment to our employees. We are pleased to offer eligible employees a benefits program that is comprehensive and one of the best among our peer institutions, including a 403(b) retirement program as well as health, dental, vision, life and long-term disability insurance. The Peregrine Fund is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The successful applicant will be required to complete a background screening before a final offer of employment is made. POSITION SUMMARY The Propagation Specialist will work within the raptor propagation team to create a healthy environment for current and potential breeding populations of various raptor species. They will also facilitate the use of known propagation and artificial incubation techniques in order to meet conservation goals. The Propagation Specialist will perform daily duties including all animal husbandry and care, feeding, facility maintenance, data collection, record keeping and other responsibilities as assigned. Part of the benefits package for the Propagation Specialist position is on-site housing. The Propagation Specialist will be provided a private house located on The Peregrine Fund property to live in with their family and pets (for biosecurity reasons pet restrictions include: parrots, chickens, and waterfowl). RESPONSIBILITIES AND SCOPE Animal Care • Maintain and care for the birds in the captive breeding facility including 52 California condors, 20 Taita falcons, 6 Aplomado falcons, and 1 Orange-breasted falcon • Maintain a captive environment conducive to successful propagation of a variety of raptors • Manipulate captive nesting opportunities for a variety of raptors • Perform artificial insemination of raptors • Perform all duties associated with artificial incubation of raptor eggs, such as manipulating and tracking eggs, following strict incubation protocols, and care and maintenance of incubators • Hatch and raise raptor chicks for release in a captive natural and/or laboratory setting. • Monitor and document chick health, development, and behavior • Administer annual and semiannual West Nile Virus vaccines for captive population • Trap, capture, and restraint of small and large raptors species in a manner that is safe for both birds and staff • Provide immediate medical care as necessary and assist in medical procedures for raptors • Maintain established banding and tagging protocols for all raptors in propagation facilities • Transport raptors to and from various captive and field sites as needed • Provide regular health checks and maintenance of beaks and talons • Feed prescribed diet as per schedule and protocol • Observe closely, document, and monitor raptors for general health and behavior • Regular off site pickup of donated large carcass items for condor facility • Provide daily care and maintenance for Condor Cliffs Display at interpretive center • Interact and cooperate with other staff and volunteers to accomplish large projects and maintain facilities and property • Provide daily care and maintenance of small goat herd on property Facilities • Clean holding pens, breeding chambers, buildings and public display areas as per protocol and schedule • Understand and follow existing biosecurity protocols • Daily visual inspection of all pens, chambers, buildings and display for health and safety concerns • Annual setup and breakdown of all incubation and chick rearing labs • Maintain all tools, capture equipment, vehicles, freezers, and refrigerators • Conduct specified pest control activities as they relate to health of captive populations • Repair any structural or mechanical defects that would endanger the birds • Perform regular maintenance and repair of enclosures, exhibit and buildings, such as maintaining perching, repairing fences, removing weeds/brush, treating septic systems, and changing air filters • Maintain and service transportation, generators, and emergency equipment monthly • Annual fire preventative measures including grass and brush reduction on entire property • Maintain security of all areas (i.e. gates, doors, locks, latches) • Be familiar with maintenance and repair of fire alarm system, and fire suppression systems • Maintain and care for on-site housing Record Keeping/Data Collection/ Other • Prepare and update all records, reports, and daily logs to ensure thorough documentation and enhance knowledge of birds of prey • Regularly update existing biosecurity protocols as new information and concerns arise • Follow advancements in disinfection and cleaning protocols to enhance biosecurity measures • Interact with the media, volunteers, employees, researchers and the public through tours and presentations and other opportunities to provide education about raptors in natural and captive environments and captive propagation • Other duties as assigned • This job description may change as circumstances present new opportunities WORKING CONDITIONS Frequent exposure to and close contact with large raptors and domestic ungulates. Required to move heavy objects when needed. Work in uneven terrain with exposure to varying and extreme weather conditions. Exposure to dust, allergens and hazardous materials is common. Work is often performed in confined cramped spaces and from elevated positions.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS - Bachelor of Science degree or equivalent experience in related field - Experience and/or education in aviculture, artificial incubation, avian neonate care, and general animal husbandry is required - Education, training and/or experience which would clearly demonstrate the knowledge and skills outlined above - Professional experience in the care, feeding, and handling of wild animals - Knowledge of safety practices when working with wild animals and techniques for capture and restraint of small and large birds - Comfortable learning and working closely in a team environment - Self-motivated and willing to assume responsibility of assigned projects - Able to lift and manipulate up to 70 pounds without assistance - Able to practice a high level of patience and attention to detail - Effectively communicate with volunteers, co-workers, and supervisors - Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to acquire an Idaho Driver’s License after starting - Must be willing to live in provided on-site housing PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS - Experience working with raptors, California condors, and/or Andean condors - Experience with avian artificial insemination - Operate motorized equipment and vehicles including heavy machinery TO APPLY Send via email a single file attachment (PDF preferred) including a cover letter clearly stating your qualifications for this position, your resume or CV, and contact information for 3 references to: Please name the file “LastName_FirstName_PropagationSpecialist” and include the job title you are applying for in the subject line.
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