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Asheville, NC.
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$650 per week + $1000 monthly for housing
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Project Description: Gather information from a variety of sources including interviews, reading, study, research, and observation. Develops written materials, such as feature stories, news releases, and magazine articles, which transmit information concerning the nature and purpose of Forest Service programs, projects, policies, and activities. Materials are prepared for the general public, for special interest publics, and for internal dissemination. Assists feature writers, reporters, and photographers on assignments within the Agency and helps them write stories on Forest Service programs and activities. Responds, in oral and written form, to requests for information by determining the nature of the data required and collecting and assembling the material using the appropriate format and style based on needs and organization practices. Assists in evaluation and analysis of public comments on Forest Service management issues. Identifies areas to be addressed, characteristics and needs of the target audience, and communication techniques most appropriate; develops recommended approaches and drafts material for supervisor’s approval. Develops and presents informational audio-visual programs including slide-tape and video tape programs. Advises program officials regarding the content and presentation of information materials submitted for dissemination or other information purposes. Prepares and presents speeches for special interests’ groups, schools, and the general public. Some meetings involve controversial issues, which require diplomacy and tact. Position The purpose of this position is to perform standard, recurring public affairs duties which promote the interests of the Agency and enhance the public’s understanding of Agency programs and activities. Incumbent is a link between the Forest Service, Agency personnel and the public, and the work assists the mission of the Forest Service. The manner in which duties are carried out reflects the integrity and image of the Forest Service. This work involves communications expertise, affects accomplishment of Forest Service programs in all areas, and influences public and employee acceptance of Agency activities.
Requirements: Knowledge and skill sufficient for planning, writing, and editing press releases and information articles for internal and external publication. Knowledge of written and oral communication principles, techniques, and methods; analytical methods; and interpersonal relations practices. Skill in applying and adapting such knowledge to recurring precedential assignments. Knowledge and skill sufficient for speaking before groups while presenting audio-visual programs to describe Forest Service activities and objectives. Knowledge and skill sufficient for establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with groups interested in or affected by Forest Service programs or policies. Knowledge and skill sufficient for analyzing public input to planning proposals and to assist in the development of annual and long-range information and education plans. Knowledge of the organization, characteristics, and functions of the Forest Service. Responsibilities: The supervisor defines objectives, priorities, and deadlines and assists the specialist with unusual situations which do not have clear precedents. The incumbent plans and carries out the various stages of a project by selecting and using approved methods and techniques as appropriate. Problems encountered with members of the news media or Government officials, or requests for questionable information are discussed with the supervisor. Final drafts of most assignments are reviewed for quality and compliance with established policies and procedures. Liaison activities are evaluated for effectiveness and initiative in promoting program objectives and cooperation with target audiences. Guidelines are general in nature and include national and local policies and regulations concerning the publication and dissemination of material. Such guidelines are not always applicable to the various projects undertaken. The incumbent operates generally within the boundaries of the guidelines but must use judgment in making interpretations of organizational regulations in specific cases. Major substantive deviations are referred to the supervisor for approval. Work Environment: The work is performed in a typical office setting. Some exposure to inclement weather or movement over uneven terrain will occur periodically. Direct Hire Authority (DHA) All RAP interns receive Direct Hire Authority (DHA) at the successful conclusion of their internship. DHA status enables an agency to hire, after public notice is given, any qualified applicant. A DHA expedites hiring by eliminating competitive rating and ranking, veterans’ preference, and “rule of three” procedures. For more information, please click HERE.
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Vincent Jones
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