QA Data Analyst/Customer Service Agent: Truckee, CA (remote currently)

Truckee, CA (remote currently)
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Recyclist is seeking a QA Data Analyst/Customer Service Agent to support our Product and Engineering Teams in the areas of data analysis, quality assurance and customer support. The QA Data Analyst component of this role involves pre-processing customer data (identifying patterns, changes and inconsistencies), and then performing QA testing on the data after it’s been processed by the Engineering Team. It also involves performing QA tests on front-end design features. The Customer Service Agent component is responsible for managing the customer support platform — receiving incoming requests, solving simpler requests independently, routing more complex request to the Product and Engineering Teams via our agile project management platform, and finally communicating outcomes back to customers. Because Recyclist manages numerous applications, the QA Data Analyst/Customer Service Agent must demonstrate strong collaboration skills, effective communication and technical ability. Responsibilities: -Analyze data sent in by customers. -Perform QA tests on all data processed by the Engineering Team before data is uploaded to an application. -Manage the customer support process. -Maintain data integrity and security. -Perform QA tests on front-end features. -Communicate with the Engineering Manager and other Product Managers on project status. -Proactively develop new systems and strategies for maintaining the highest levels of quality across all Recyclist products. Preferred Experience: -Knowledge of database management systems -Knowledge of programming languages & coding practices -Familiarity with HTML and CSS
Job Requirements: -Strong Excel skills -Excellent communication skills -Aptitude in math and logic -Ability to work on multiple projects concurrently in a fast-paced environment while paying -close attention to detail -Demonstration of team-working abilities and high moral compass -Ability and desire to take initiative -Self-motivator and results driven
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