Quantitative Fisheries Ecologist – Washington

Terraqua Environmental Consulting, Inc.
Wenatchee, WA
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Terraqua, Inc. is seeking to fill a regular full-time Quantitative Fisheries Ecologist position. This is a 12-month term position with option to continue depending on available funding. We are seeking a self-motivated individual with a strong foundation in quantitative fisheries ecology or a closely related field to complete tasks related to data processing, data QA/QC, statistical analysis, modeling, and reporting and manuscript preparation related to a long-term ongoing fish population and lotic habitat research program, and other similar research projects. All work is client/project-based and therefore may vary in scope. The incumbent must be able to work independently and as a member of a team to produce high quality analysis products while adhering to strict deadlines. A majority of work is completed in an office setting, but some field work and other travel may be required. Public speaking and interagency collaboration may also be required. Essential Duties: • Data QA/QC, database management, and data reduction of large, complex datasets in preparation for statistical analysis and modeling; • Assist with exploratory, visual, and advanced statistical analysis of fisheries and habitat data; • Write technical reports and contribute to manuscripts summarizing analysis methods and results; • Assist with literature reviews and research syntheses; • Participate in field-based data collection as required, possibly including juvenile salmonid capture and tagging, macroinvertebrate sampling, stream habitat surveys and smolt trap supervision; • Contribute to proposal writing, particularly study design and development of novel approaches to answer complex research questions, and assist with other marketing efforts such as client development and representation at workshops and meetings; • Perform all duties with a high degree of quality, consistency, and timeliness. To apply: Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter, describing key experiences and qualifications relating to the position described above. Please include three professional references with current telephone numbers and email addresses. By applying, you authorize Terraqua to contact references and former employers unless otherwise instructed. Send submissions to info@terraqua.biz with subject line: 2017FisheriesEcologist
Essential Requirements: • Must have ability to follow rigorous sampling protocols and be an impeccable adherent of the scientific method; • Must have experience and a proficient knowledge of the ecology of freshwater/anadromous fish, with particular experience in freshwater habitats of Pacific salmon and steelhead, and the factors affecting these habitats; • Must have confidence in discussing/presenting scientific principles and results to a variety of audiences; • Must be willing to travel for field work, training, or to participate in other meetings; • Must be a personable team player and able to work within, and without, rigid institutional hierarchies; • Must communicate effectively as part of a team and be proactive in addressing emerging priorities. • Must be fluent in R, with preferred experience using Python, MARK, ArcGIS, QGIS and other analysis software; • Preferred experience using the Columbia Habitat Monitoring Program (CHaMP) survey protocols and data analysis toolsets; • Preferred experience working with data from the Integrated Status and Effectiveness • Monitoring Program (ISEMP) and/or Intensively Monitored Watersheds (IMW); • Preferred experience working with PTAGIS data, including data collection and management with P4; • Preferred experience working with topographic, bathymetric, and hydraulic data; • Preferred experience with both empirical and mechanistic modeling methods such as NREI, HSI, QRF and life cycle models. Essential Physical Requirements • Physical conditions typical of an office job, including long hours sitting (or standing if preferred) at a computer desk; • If/when fieldwork is required, must be able to work outdoors in challenging environmental and terrain conditions including wading and swimming in swiftwater, long hikes, and lifting/carrying 50+ lbs. Preferred Qualifications: • B.S. (required) or M.S. (preferred) in fisheries, watershed sciences, biology, zoology, ecology, or related fields; • Minimum of three (3) years post‐university experience assisting with field work, monitoring methodologies, data analysis and report writing; • Proven experience with quantitative statistical analysis methods common to the ecological sciences; • Proven experience with technical scientific writing.
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Valerie Flores
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