Radio tracking Ozark Pocket Gophers; Lab Technician: Arkansas

Arkansas State University
Izard Co. Arkansas
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
1300 per month
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Radio tracking of eight Ozark pocket gophers will be conducted daily at five sites in Izard Co. to assess juvenile dispersal during fall and early winter. To radio tag individuals, box trapping will be conducted at the beginning of the season. As a supplement to radio tracking, drift fences and pitfall traps will be checked twice daily (approximately 1 hour daily). Any newly trapped individual will be processed and released from pitfall traps. Radio tracking will take approximately 1-2 hours most days and will require walking through fields potentially with cattle. Housing provided.
Applicants should have field work experience and a background in biology or environmental studies. Previous radio-tracking experience is preferred but not required. The project involves tracking on private property so applicants must be professional with landowners to maintain a positive relationship throughout the project. Applicants must be comfortable outdoors in Arkansas climate.
Contact Person
Monica Reusche
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