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I am Scott from Caledonian Games. I am making a Rainforest Biodiversity Simulation Tabletop Game called Strata. In the game, players build up their rainforest Strata with different species. Early in the game players are limited to plants, fungi and invertebrates but as the game progresses the environment becomes ready for the introduction of fish, reptiles, and amphibians, and eventually birds and mammals. Players will guide their environment by choosing to strategically capitalize on various interconnected synergies between the species. Doing so effectively will yield a richly thriving environment and a chance at victory. In creation of this game, I will be seeking a partnership with someone who has an interest/knowledge for rainforest wildlife and for gaming and learning through play. No degree is required, just an interest in the project and a willingness to collaborate on the development of Species cards and the highly important interspecies relationships that will shape game outcomes. What you can expect is that participation will be very flexible. You would be welcome to use this work as a thesis or other school research project. Participation will also give you access to shares in the games success. Upon completion and proper testing, I hope to fund the games development, including wages for all contributors through crowd funding. This is not a certain outcome but I am confident that if we give it our best efforts that we can create a game that reaches market.
Knowledge and/or willingness to research Rainforest Wildlife, flora and fauna. Interest in board games/tabletop games and learning through play.
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Scott Allen
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