Ranch Grounds & Lodge Caretaker Couples Team

Grainger Ranch Recruiting
Utopia, Texas
Job Category
Full time Positions
$70,000 +/- Annually, Housing, Utilities, Cable and Electricity
Last Date to Apply
This Utopia, Tx ranch is privately held and used for family recreation. Located between Utopia and Tarpley, Texas this ranch is a prime location for a family to live, work and be a part of the community. The Utopia Ranch has been meticulously manicured for private family recreation and enjoyment and provides a great atmosphere for its staff. Job Description: As the grounds and lodging caretakers of the Utopia Ranch, you will be responsible to execute the maintenance and general upkeep of the Lodges and lawns around the ranch. We are looking for a couples team to live and work on this ranch full time. Typically, this will be a 40hr/week job with the occasional weekend where we may need help at the lodge picking up and assisting with some meals. There are 2 main houses and 3 small cottages that will be at the care of this team. At times, there may be the need to assist with chores on property ranch, but the main focus is located in and around the lodges. The scope of work will include bot not be limited to: • Lodge maintenance and upkeep • Cleaning the inside and outside of the houses • Light maintenance and painting in and around the lodges • Assist with meal prep and clean up on certain weekends • Landscape and grounds maintenance and upkeep • Removing downed limbs from yards and roads in the compound • Mowing, weed eating, landscaping duties • Maintaining mowing and lawn equipment
• Prior lawn and landscaping experience • Prior housekeeping experience • Willingness to work alone or along side others • Ability to run mowing equipment, edging equipment and chain saws Please send resumes and references to graingerranchrecruiting@gmail.com with Utopia as the subject line. Thank you!
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Rob Grainger
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