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Dead Man's Pass Ranch L.L.C.
Comstock, TX
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Dead Man's Pass Ranch is a 2200 acre wildlife ranch located in Comstock, TX. We currently raise Whitetail Deer, Axis Deer, Blackbuck Antelope, and Aoudad Sheep on the property. We also are a Scientific Deer Breeder and have roughly 60 deer in our facility that are used to better our genetics on our ranch. We are currently seeking a full time Ranch Hand to help work on our ranch. The ranch hand will be vested in multiple aspects of the ranch and not just the general ranch itself. Responsibilities include (but are no limited to): -Assisting with different projects on the ranch -Filling/maintaining feeders and feeding equipment -Assisting Ranch Manager in the deer pens with the deer -Maintaining roads and high fences -Maintaining facilities on the ranch -Checking wells/ponds/troughs on ranch -Guiding hunts on the ranch -Assisting Ranch Manager with our AI procedure -Scouting animals on the ranch -Helping maintain equipment and vehicles -Keeping different logs on the ranch such as feed usage, vehicle mileage, ATV hours, etc. The position also includes FREE room and board on the ranch. Dead Man's Pass Ranch will provide a residence for the Ranch Hand to stay at while employed. Included with the residence is a fully furnished bedroom, living room and kitchen that also comes with a grocery allowance paid for by Dead Man's Pass Ranch as well. Ranch Vehicles and ATV's are also included but only to be used for Ranch Purposes. Residence also comes with Satellite Television. Since this is a working ranch, it is impossible to set hours in a day of how long we work. Salary is based on experience and knowledge.
-Serious Inquiries Only -All considered applicants are subject to a standard background/driving record check -Must have a minimum of 2 YEARS RANCH WORK EXPERIENCE -Must be able to lift 75lbs and carry 100 yds -Must be able to work in adverse conditions. Comstock can see temps as high as 110 degrees and lows in the teens -Must be a self-motivator and have positive attitude -Must be able to work well with others and alone -Must be responsible for yourself and the equipment/facilities you use -Must be able to communicate effectively with Ranch Manager and staff Please send resume and a list of references to the following email: randy@deadmanspassranch.com
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Randy Dziedzic
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