Ranch in South Texas with Full Time seasonal positions available.

EL Tesoro Ranch
Charlotte Texas
Job Category
Full time Positions
$1600 Monthly
Last Date to Apply
El Tesoro is a wildlife and Habitat management intensive operation. We have multiple diverse projects that are ongoing throughout the year. We offer several flexible options in regards to the duration of these positions. All options can be discussed during the interview process. Ideally our Student Biologist work from the end of Spring college semester through the beginning of the next spring college semester. Student Biologist will be allowed to perform and learn all aspects and responsibilities here at El Tesoro Ranch. Which will include but not limited to Wildlife Management, Habitat Manipulation, Upland Bird Management, Wetlands Management, Conservation Ideas, Entertainment, Guiding, GIS Mapping, Prescribed Agricultural Burns, Aerial Survey, Population Dynamics, Guest Management, Facilities Management, Fisheries Management, Irrigation/Hydraulic understanding, Guiding, General Maintenance and Upkeep, heavy equipment operations and service, farming and Agriculture, future planning in conservation goals and rewards along with how they work together for the benefit of the ranch. This is a paid salary full time seasonal position which includes: company benefits , housing on the ranch, ranch work truck/jeep, satellite tv, internet service and majority of meals.
Applicants are not limited to Wildlife Curriculum background. All applicants are looked at and considered for position. Please only committed, hard working, dedicated applicants apply. This job is an opportunity to work on one of the Top Ranches in South Texas, taking this position should be all applicants next step towards a long career in the wildlife industry. We offer and allow much exposure for our employees to excel and move to other jobs in Texas. We are proud to have had many former Students and employees move on to other jobs in the Wildlife Industry due to the experience they received here at El Tesoro Ranch. These jobs include, Ranch Managers, Asst Ranch Managers, Western Outfitters and Guides, State Biologist and Game wardens, Consultants, Upland Specialist, African Hunting Safari PH and Apprentice, Industry Trade Show Marketing Managers and 5 star outfitting business owners. All new employees will be required to perform drug testing and possible random drug test screenings. Please EMAIL resume to rodneyg@cajunusa.com check out our Ranch Facebook page to view our team. https://www.facebook.com/cajunusa/
Contact Person
Rodney Glaze
Contact eMail
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