Ranch Manager- In Cat Spring, Texas

Private Family
Cat Spring, TX
Job Category
Full time Positions
Competitive salary, Annual Bonus and Housing Provided
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Tabanack Ranch is a newly acquired, family-owned ranch comprised of 350 acres and situated in Cat Springs, Texas. The ranch is seeking a highly motivated full-time manager that can meet the following requirements: Managers Duties: • Manage every aspect of the property from a profit-driven perspective. This includes wildlife, livestock, heavy equipment, construction, and maintenance • Manage all aspects of deer hunting: o Survey and judge deer; maintain all kill records; complete all reporting to State; keep all feeders full; keep all blinds in good condition; perform some guided hunts; perform/coordinate game cleaning and processing • Manage all aspects of dove and duck hunting: o Manage the construction and ongoing maintenance of all habitat enhancement; maintain all duck blinds; scout birds during the week; perform some guided hunts and perform/coordinate game cleaning and processing • Manage all aspects of predator control • Manage vendors, temporary labor, and other personnel as needed • Keep all equipment and grounds well maintained • Monitor construction of the new ranch house, barn, and game processing area • Manage or assist with potential future cattle or equine operations • Keep in touch with neighbors, local community, and law enforcement officials • Work with the owner on a weekly basis and generate reports as needed • Yearly vendor/employee and operation review
Requirements: • Work directly with the owner on major management decisions • Knowledge and experience of white-tail deer management and hunting • Knowledge and experience with quail, waterfowl and dove management and hunting • Basic knowledge of cattle and equine • Knowledge and experience with the operation and maintenance of ranch equipment and vehicles • Willingness to work long hours • Physically capable of meeting all ranch work needs • Bachelor degree in a related field or extensive field experience • Communication and management skills • Good attitude and work ethic • Willingness to learn • Basic Computer Skills (Microsoft excel, word, email, etc…) • Resume and references • Valid driver license • United States citizen
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