Ranch Wildlife Assistant, Val Verde County, Texas

Private Ranch
Comstock, Texas
Job Category
Full time Positions
1650 a month plus room and board. Plus Tips from Guiding estimated at $5,000 year. Also $7,500 after 2 years of satisfactory employment. 1 day off per week during hunting season and 1 ½ days off per week outside of hunting season. 401K. 2 weeks paid vacation.
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
This is a 2200 acre high fenced commercial hunting ranch with a whitetail breeding facility. We are looking for a fulltime person who is passionate about animals and animal husbandry.
• Exhibit good communication skills. • Must have a passion for ranch life, animals, and animal husbandry • Pleasant and agreeable personality with positive attitude to maintain good morale. • Be able to work as a team and cooperate with others. • Be willing to learn and accept constructive criticism while acquiring skills with hands on experience. • Be able to impart suggestions, ideas, and observations to owners. • Exhibit good time management skills. • Enjoy interacting with coworkers, owners, guests, vendors, and ranch visitors. • Must be able to tolerate Texas summer heat and all different weather conditions. • Willing to work long hours and weekends when necessary. • Be able to age deer based on tooth wear and on the hoof during the hunting season. • Capable of eviscerating and properly skinning deer particularly those to be mounted. • Ability to lift 50+ pounds.
Contact Person
Bob Zaiglin
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