Ranch Wildlife Management and Hunting Operations Assistant Texas

Trail Ranch Outfitters
Albany, Texas
Job Category
$1900/mo plus housing
Last Date to Apply
Responsible for assisting landowner and ranch manager with daily activities to include (but not limited to): 1) hunting/guiding for WT deer, dove, duck, quail 2) assist training “road working” quail dogs 3) conducting surveys (aerial deer, spotlight, game camera, quail roadside counts, etc.) 4) Assist hunting data collection and reporting including game prep., aging, scoring, preparing reports, etc. 4) Planting food plots 5) Feeding: filling protein and corn feeders, fish feeders, and feeding for upland game birds. 6) Equipment operation and maintenance assistance as related to the above 7) Habitat management such as assisting in burning and reseeding pastures or brush management Start date late July and preferred to be able to stay on thru late December.
Must be reliable and capable of outside work in various weather conditions. Must be able to effectively communicate, work and interact with owners, clients and others engaged in ranching activities. Previous experience with training animals and working with equipment desirable.
Contact Person
Ranch Foremen
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