Range Planner- Eastern Washington

Okanogan Conservation District
Okanogan County, WA
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The Range Planner will work closely with landowners, coworkers, conservation partners, and others to develop and implement voluntary conservation plans specific to each landowner’s needs. Okanogan County has a diverse landscape of shrub-steppe, dry pine, and mixed conifer forests. The Range Planner will work on public and private lands throughout the county to maintain strong partnerships with landowners, local organizations, and federal and state agencies.  Duties and responsibilities include: - Develop custom resource management plans for land managers using their goals, existing resources, and addressing natural resource concerns. - Plan and carry out systematic ecosystem-based rangeland inventories to identify and assess rangeland characteristics, amounts, types, and values. - Monitor and evaluate data to determine if land management goals are being achieved. Conduct short/long term monitoring of plant community, grazing impacts, and soil erosion hazards. - Develop, implement, and evaluate rangeland and upland/riparian habitat restoration projects. - Prepare grazing plans and determine location and proper stocking rates. 6. Plan or assist in the planning of fences, water developments, pipelines, and/or plant community changes. - Facilitate Coordinated Resource Management meetings related to range management on public lands. Facilitate small and large group meetings with a diverse array of stakeholders to achieve consensus regarding natural resource issues, primarily range management and water quality.  - Evaluate shrub-steppe and riparian habitat/range conditions. Provide technical assistance to private landowners and land managers wishing to voluntarily increase the quantity and quality of shrub-steppe and riparian habitat, often while reducing wildfire risk. - Provide education and outreach to the public on the value of sustainable and resilient upland terrestrial ecosystems. This typically includes tabling at community events, speaking at meetings, and teaching classes.
- Bachelor’s degree with major course work in range management and/or directly related plant, animal, and soil sciences; wildlife management; watershed management; fire ecology; forestry; botany; agricultural science; natural resource management, or a related discipline. - Possess or earn Level 3 (or higher) Conservation Planning certification from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Equivalent planning certification may be considered on a case-by-case basis. - Knowledge of range science and grazing strategies. Ability to learn the native and introduced plant species (including grasses) and wildlife common in Okanogan County. - Knowledge of a broad range of farm and ranch soil and water conservation principles and techniques to evaluate resource concerns and apply to complex and diverse land uses. - Ability to import data and develop maps using ArcGIS. - Able to effectively communicate verbally and in writing with a diversity of ranchers, private landowners, agency and organization partners, co-workers, and others. Able to work positively and successfully with individuals one-on-one and in group settings. - Experience facilitating groups of multiple stakeholders to resolve land use and natural resource issues using collaborative problem solving. - Ability and desire to motivate individuals to adopt resource management practices on their property. Please see the full job announcement for full details.
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Jess McDaniel
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