Range Rider – Biological Science Technician: Idaho

USDA/Wildlife Service/Idaho
Blaine County, Idaho
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$31,520 - $45,847 per year
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
DUTIES: • Ride horseback over rough terrain and in other off-road environments to transport self and equipment for performing official duties. • You will ride along with a herd to protect from predation. • Determines and selects the most effective means of non-lethal wildlife mitigation through consultation with supervisor or other higher-graded or more experienced employees. • Carries out duties in accordance with program decisions made in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Endangered Species Act (ESA) under guidance and oversight by supervisor. • Complies with restrictions and mitigation measures established through consultation with relevant Federal and State agencies. • Responsible for conducting non-lethal direct control operations under the guidance or supervision of others to reduce wildlife damage at locations for which an agreement is already in place. • Demonstrates a respect for safety in all operations, including the operation of motor vehicles, firearms, non-lethal control devices and materials, and equipment. • Provides appropriate technical assistance recommendations on common wildlife and WDM issues on a limited basis.
• Experience using non-lethal wildlife damage control techniques and tools • Experience working within local, state, and national rules and regulations as they apply to wildlife policies and procedures • Experience preparing reports regarding activities, observations, events, and other relevant data collected • Identifying various species of wildlife • Must obtain or have a valid U.S. driver’s license. Operation of Government-owned or leased vehicles is required. • As a condition of employment, appropriate security clearance is required for this position. • Position is subject to random and applicant drug testing. • Must demonstrate a respect for safety in all operations, including the operation of motor vehicles, non-lethal control devices, and equipment. • Travel explained: During this time, you will be living from a trailer or tent, following the herd. • To perform the essential duties of this position, you must have the legal and physical ability to possess and discharge firearms. You must be able to pass a government background check and meet any additional requirements to carry and use firearms. A background check will include answering questions about where you’ve lived, worked, went to school, and any military history or police records. Selection and retention in this position is contingent on a successfully adjudicated FBI National Criminal History Check (fingerprint check).
Contact Person
Jared Hedelius
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