Range Technician (Monitoring)

Bureau of Land Management
Dillon, MT
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$16.57 - $20.37 per hour
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
A highly dynamic, diverse, and enthusiastic monitoring program in the Dillon Field Office for the Bureau of Land Management. The monitoring crews work in a team of seven, but work day-to-day in teams of 2-3. A variety of monitoring protocols are used to determine the health of native range uplands and riparian systems in response to livestock grazing. Vegetation data is collected to genus and/or species. Training will be conducted prior to data collection for Assessment, Inventory, Monitoring (AIM), Daubenmire's, nested frequency, photo points, and riparian health assessments. Technicians will be asked to camp 1-2 nights/week in the Centennial Valley near Red Rock Wildlife Refuge. Per diem will be given when camping. Overtime is authorized for hours worked over 40 each week. Crews typically work 10 hour days, four days a week with the option to work Fridays for overtime. The job is highly rewarding and the crews are fun to work with. The location is beautiful, with many recreational opportunities available for weekend fun. The community is a small, welcoming, ranch town. Housing is not available, but we can work with you to find housing. Seasonals always find housing if they begin looking in advance. Please apply to this announcement number on USAjobs.gov is MTSS-23-11863693-LR.
Qualifications vary depending on the grade the applicant is applying for. However, the basic requirements are at least two years of high school education or pursuing a college education. Work experience in the related field is preferred, but training is given at the beginning of the field season, so mostly the need for dedicated and trainable technicians is a must. A valid driver's license will be needed and a background check will be conducted if chosen. Applicants must possess the necessary physical fitness requirements to hike up to seven miles a day with a backpack, sit in vehicles for a couple hours at a time, capable of kneeling or bending to collect data, and be able to hike in remote areas over rough terrain.
Contact Person
Melanie Finch
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