Rangeland Management Specialist

US Forest Service
Kettle Falls, WA
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Full time Positions
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****Potential for Pathways Recent Graduate, Permanent Hire**** ***Must qualify under OPM's 0454 job series for Rangeland Management Specialist. please review course credit requirements ***Duties for the position include: -Conduct short and long-term monitoring on assigned grazing allotments, which includes both upland and riparian monitoring. -Gather and assemble data concerning rangeland health, trends and ecological status of vegetation communities. -Make recommendations for improved rangeland and livestock administration and provides input into the development of subsequent rangeland and livestock management decisions. -Assist in the administration of grazing permits by consulting, coordinating and cooperating with permittees and other rangeland users. -Prepare and/or revise annual operating instructions. -Receive, review, and act on all livestock grazing applications. -Assist in managing seasonal and volunteer crews in the field. Start Date is subject to change and dependent on HR processing timeline and candidate pool outcome. Supervisor of this position is a TAMU Alumni and is willing to work with recent graduates and mentor them in this new position. Great job for new aspiring Range Managers looking for a foot in the door with The U.S. Forest Service's Rangeland Management Program!
Basic Requirements Degree: range management; or a related discipline that included at least 42 semester hours in a combination of the plant, animal, and soil sciences, and natural resources management, as follows: Range Management -- At least 18 semester hours of course work in range management, including courses in such areas as basic principles of range management, range plants, range ecology, range inventories and studies, range improvements, and ranch or rangeland planning. Directly Related Plant, Animal, and Soil Sciences -- At least 15 semester hours of directly related courses in the plant, animal, and soil sciences, including at least one course in each of these three scientific areas, i.e., plant, animal, and soil sciences. Courses in such areas as plant taxonomy, plant physiology, plant ecology, animal nutrition, livestock production, and soil morphology or soil classification are acceptable. Related Resource Management Studies -- At least 9 semester hours of course work in related resource management subjects, including courses in such areas as wildlife management, watershed management, natural resource or agricultural economics, forestry, agronomy, forages, and outdoor recreation management. or Combination of education and experience: at least 42 semester hours of course work in the combination of plant, animal, and soil sciences and natural resources management shown in A above, plus appropriate experience or additional education.
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Derek R. Marin
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