Rangeland Meadow Research Technician-Nevada

University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV
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Wild horse and cattle grazing under current management may impact the vegetation and hydrology of wet meadows on public lands within the Great Basin. These impacts may improve upon or reduce the quantity and quality of critical late-brood-rearing habitat for the Greater Sage-Grouse, a species of conservation concern throughout the West. Our study examines the impacts of feral “wild” horses and cattle management practices on the vegetation, erosion and hydrologic functioning of these scattered emerald islands across northern Nevada. Technician Duties: Assist with data collection including: camera trap servicing, vegetation line point intercept (LPI) sampling, Daubenmire quadrat sampling of forb cover and phenology, Total Station elevation surveying, Proper Functioning Condition (PFC) Assessment and adapted Multiple Indicator Monitoring (MIM) methods for lentic riparian areas. Successful applicant will collect and record data working in a team with two graduate students after training in the field. Applicant will work mid-May – end of August, based out of the University of Nevada, Reno. Generally, a hitch style workweek (8 days on/ 6 days off) will be followed, working 10 hour days on average. The schedule will be variable depending on work completed and logistics. We will camp in the field, often at remote sites with few stops in towns. Field sites are widely spread across northern Nevada, sometimes several hours apart. Technicians will be expected to help with daily camp set up/breakdown.
Preferred Qualifications: • Experience identifying Great Basin vegetation and conducting vegetation monitoring • Familiarity with MIM, PFC or AIM protocols, and Total Station use • Valid driver’s license, experience camping and working in remote locations preferred Required Qualifications: • Able to hike more than 5 miles on steep terrain, carrying a 50 lb backpack. • Ability to accurately and completely record data following all necessary protocols • Enthusiasm for natural resource work and collecting data outside, in the backcountry, under potentially extreme climatic conditions Pay: $13/hr How to apply: Email Jacob Burdick and Sebastian Tsocanos with resume, statement of interest and contact information for 3 references or with further questions at jburdick@nevada.unr.edu| 608-769-5343 sebastian.tsocanos@gmail.com | 203-219-5290
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Jacob Burdick
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