Raptor Conservation Internship: Wilson, WY

Teton Raptor Center
Wilson, WY
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monthly stipend with housing option
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Dates: Oct 1, 2021 - Feb 28, 2022 Hours/per week: 40 This Raptor Conservation Internship is an opportunity to support the work of a vibrant and growing conservation organization. This holistic experience includes exposure to all program areas at Teton Raptor Center including education, research, and rehabilitation, with additional opportunities to explore the operations and communications aspects of a nonprofit. We are looking for someone who is curious, enthusiastic, and ready to roll-up their sleeves to work hard, deepen the work of raptor conservation, and be part of a passionate team. Daily activities will be dependent on programmatic demand. For example, for the month of October, your position will be full-time (40 hours per week) working with the Avian Care Team dedicated to the live birds in our education and rehab programs. October tends to be a busy month for rehab and education. However, starting in November, your duties will shift to include ~24 hours of work with the research team and the remaining hours will be spent with the Avian Care Team. During the Fall and Winter, TRC’s research is primarily focused on data analysis with minimal field work. AREAS of EMPHASIS : Conservation/Research Support TRC’s on-going research projects including but not limited to: - Analyzing TRC’s sound recording data (Goshawk, Boreal and Great Gray Owl) - Use Google Earth to map and monitor previously tagged raptors - Outreach support for lead-free campaign - Photo/video cataloging - Snow measurements - Other data analysis projects Avian Care - Resident and Rehab Raptors - Support all aspects of husbandry for the resident and patients, including but not limited to: - Small animal care (live mice) - Cleaning enclosures - Preparing food - Medication administration - Record keeping - Flight training - Behavior observation/Enrichment - Handling the birds Communications - Contribute to TRC’s social media platforms and communications channels - Take photos and videos to create content to tell the stories of TRC’s work. EMPLOYMENT at TETON RAPTOR CENTER: Teton Raptor Center is an equal opportunity employer with a smoke-free and drug-free workplace. Successful applicants will be required to pass a background check, driving check, and drug screening. GENERAL SCHEDULE October: 40 hours/week dedicated to avian care and communications November - February: 24 hours/week dedicated to research, 12 to avian care, 4 to communications
Teton Raptor Center is seeking applicants with the following qualifications and skills: - Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail - Familiarity with digital media platforms - A love of nature and desire to share that passion with others - Knowledge of science, natural history, and birds of prey (a strong interest in wildlife, enthusiasm, strong work ethic, maturity, and willingness to learn are more important than academic qualifications) - Willingness to take initiative, roll-up your sleeves, problem solve, and multi-task effectively and with humor while working with a small group of very committed people - Familiarity with online research to locate and synthesize 3rd-party data (e.g., weather data) - Ability to perform physical tasks such as hiking and lifting (up to 40 lbs.) - At least 18 years old - Commitment to entire internship timeframe and ability and flexibility to experience many aspects of Teton Raptor Center’s programs
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Meghan Warren
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