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"Bridge Between Worlds"--That's our motto here at Reach Out Reptiles (ROR). We aim to connect people with the natural world through our work. ROR focuses exclusively on the captive reproduction of Dwarf and Super Dwarf Reticulated Pythons.  In this internship, the candidate will get to explore all facets of ROR, with the largest concentration on animal care. Other opportunities may include videography, social media content creation, marketing, design, small-scale construction, entrepreneurship, and education. We will focus on personal skills and interests while also tending to areas needing improvement to make this experience more unique to each candidate.  The candidate will be expected to create and complete a self-led project based on individual skills and interests, along with the needs of the company. This project can cover a variety of topics. There will be one-on-one learning sessions with various staff members to highlight the distinct skills to be learned from each sector (education, social media, etc.) of the company. This will allow the candidate to further explore certain areas of interest.  Candidates are asked to submit their resume, application, safety/media waver by February 22, 2023. After a review, we will select qualified candidates to attend the next interview stage. This in-person "working" interview session will be held on select dates in March and April. During this session, candidates will observe and help complete tasks that make up a typical ROR workday. Candidate assessment will be based on completion of tasks, efficiency, willingness to work and learn, ability to get along with ROR staff, and past experience or skills. This will also give us a chance to get to know each other better. After this three hour long interview session, we will then select the most qualified interns to return for the official position in the summer.  We are looking for candidates with weekday availability (a minimum of two to three 8-hour days per week) during the summer months. We will be holding two separate sessions:     -the first will be May 30 - July 7, 2023     -the second will be July 25 - August 18, 2023 You can select your preferred session on your application based on your availability. If you are unable to attend an in-person working interview, or are not available during all weeks of your desired session, please note these concerns on your application. Please be advised that this is an unpaid internship, but you will leave with valuable knowledge, experience, and memories. Responsibilities:  ​ (Responsibilities are subject to change based on demand and candidate skill level) ​ -Learn and exhibit proper snake handling -Assist with cleaning and replacing animal enclosures, both snake and rodent -Assist with feeding juvenile snakes -Assist with rodent care (feeding, refilling water, health checks) -Facility maintenance (dishes, sweeping, mopping, taking out trash, etc.) -Participate in learning sessions with each department -Assist with shipping preparations -Assist with social media content creation and editing (photos, videos, concepts) -Assist with educational programs -Assist with habitat design and construction -Intern project: confirm topic with staff, complete and present project Please send your resume, signed safety/media waiver, and completed application to Hadley at by Wednesday, February 22, 2023. The forms can be found on our website through the link provided. Thank you for considering an experience at ROR, and we look forward to hearing from you!
Qualifications: -Must be 18 years or older -Up to date tetanus vaccine -Willing to get dirty while working -Must be able to lift 25 pounds -Must be able to stand, crouch, kneel, and work on feet for long periods of time -Must be able to work independently -Must be comfortable around reptiles and rodents -Have a love of animals -Previous experience with animals is preferred but not required -Previous volunteer, internship, or work experience is preferred but not required -Adhere to ROR guidelines, especially when working with the animals -Communicate effectively with the rest of the team -Be ready to work hard (but have fun too!) To apply: Please send your resume, signed safety/media waiver, and completed application to Hadley at by Wednesday, February 22, 2023. The forms can be found on our website through the link provided.
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